Fiber Optic ADSS Cable

Fiber Optic ADSS Cable

ZMS Singlemode and Multimode ADSS Cable

ZMS ADSS fiber optic cable is called non-metallic all-dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable. It is widely used in power communication systems for its advantages of large number of fiber cores., light weight, sin metal (all half). ADSS fiber optic cable can be configured with power lines and towers. Generally can use without power cut construction.

The main products of ZMS Supplier are ADSS cables, cables OPGW, cables OPPC y optical cable accessories. ZMS Cable will be your best supplier and reliable partner for fiber optic cable products..

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Main Types of ZMS ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

We can customize the number of cores of ADSS fiber optic cable according to the needs of dear customers.. The main strands of ZMS ADSS fiber optic cable are 2, 6 threads, 12threads, 24threads, 48 threads, etc.

ADSS light fiber optic cable parameter

Light Load ADSS Cable

Lightweight multimode and momomode fiber optic ADSS cable 2 – 6 threads – 12 threads – 24 threads – 288 threads

ADSS multimode fiber optic cable
ZMS Multimode Fiber Optic ADSS Cable
fiber optic adss cable parameter

Medium Load ADSS Cable

ADSS fiber optic cable momomodo and multimode media 2 – 6 threads – 12 threads – 24 threads – 288 threads

zms fiber optic cable adss half load
ZMS Cable ADSS Fiber Optic Medium Load Multimode Wires
ADSS heavy duty fiber optic cable parameter

Heavy Duty ADSS Cable

Heavy duty momomode and multimode fiber optic ADSS cable 2 – 6 threads – 12 threads – 24 threads – 288 threads

zms cable adss fiber optic load
ZMS ADSS Cable Multimode Fiber Optic Wires Heavy Load

ZMS Quality Fiber Optic Cable

ZMS Cable Group is a leading fiber optic aerial cable supplier and manufacturer in Globle. Our main products are multimode and singlemode ADSS cable., multimode and singlemode OPGW cable,fiber optic distribution nap box OPPC cable and accessories for aerial optical cables. The company has a strong quality management system, a high-quality technical team, advanced manufacturing equipment, reliable product quality and best price, so we have won a good reputation in the international market.

ZMS will be your reliable partner of aerial fiber optic cable products..

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Consulting Program Service

We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. you can make us any question About OPGW fiber optic cable. ZMS supplier has perfect pre-sale management and after-sale technical support. It has a team of high-quality cable technology.

Fast Transportation Service

We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure efficient and fast delivery of our cables.. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you.

Regular After Sales Service

When our aerial fiber optic cable OPGW o Quality ADSS reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time.

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