Shielded Cable

Shielded Cable

ZMS Screened Cables

The shielded cable it is wrapped with a metal mesh braid to wrap the wires. Cable shielding is to prevent interfering signals from entering the inner layer. At the same time, can reduce the loss of the transmitted signal.

ZMS Factory Electric Cables is capable of producing all kinds of shielded cables to meet different cable requirements. ZMS shielded cables are excellent. Can be customized for mass production.

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If you have a custom need, we can provide you with the best cable shielding solution for free.

Main Types of ZMS Shielded Cable

CTS Cable

  • Driver Number: Personalize
  • insulation: XLPE/PVC
  • Apantallado: CTS shielded with copper tape

ZMS can be customized with CTS two-layer shielded cables. CTS cables are widely used in the transmission of electricity and are easy to lay and apply..

Cable CTS Apantallado

ATS Cable

  • Driver Number: Personalize
  • Isolation: XLPE/PVC
  • Apantallado: ATS shielded with aluminum foil

ZMS ATS shielded cables are mainly used to shield against high frequency electromagnetic waves. This cable shielding prevents high frequency electromagnetic waves from coming into contact with the conductors of electricity and thus generate eddy currents.

ATS Shielded Cable

CWS Cable Apantallado

  • Driver Number: Personalize
  • Isolation: XLPE/PVC
  • Apantallado: CWS shielded with woven copper wire

ZMS CWS shielded cables are suitable for medium and low voltage cables of 10 kV and below with a conductor cross section greater than 500 mm.

CWS Shielded Cable

STP Shielded Twisted Pair Cable

  • Driver Number: Personalize
  • Isolation: XLPE/PVC
  • Apantallado: ATS shielded with aluminum foil

ZMS STP shielded cable has an additional fully shielded layer that the unshielded twisted pair cable. This reduces signal attenuation and noise by shielding.

STP Cable

Screened Control Cable

  • Driver Number: Personalize
  • Isolation: XLPE/PVC
  • Apantallado: CTS/CWS

The shielded control cable is suitable for the connection of electrical instruments and the transmission of 450/750V automatic control systems.. ZMS screened instrumentation cable has excellent properties. It is oil resistant, the water, to abrasion, to acids and alkalis.

Shielded control cable

Characteristics of ZMS Shielded Cables

ZMS cables shielding materials include copper wire, tinned copper wire, aluminum alloy wire, copper clad aluminum, copper tape, aluminum tape, steel tape, etc.

Different metal shield constructions have different shielding properties.. Shielding is not only related to the electrical and magnetic permeability of the metal itself, but also with the number of armor layers. Usually, the more layers and the greater the coverage, the better the cable shielding properties.

ZMS has a single layer armor coverage superior to 80%. This allows it to be converted into other forms of energy through hysteresis loss mechanisms., dielectric loss and resistive loss, thus achieving a shielded absorption of electromagnetic waves.

ZMS cable shielding has a coverage greater than 80%. This allows it to be converted into other forms of energy through mechanisms such as hysteresis loss., dielectric loss and resistive loss. Thus, achieves a shielding effect by absorbing electromagnetic waves.

Shielded Cables

ATS shielded cables are mainly used when laying a large number of cables, as shielded network cables, on the same channel. Reduces crosstalk between a large number of cables. Besides, can also be used for shielding between pairs to increase the twisted length.

In addition to metal shielding, ZMS also offers shielded cables with polymeric semiconductor materials.. This type of shielding is achieved thanks to the shielding properties inherent to the material. Semiconductor polymers not only protect against electromagnetic interference, they are also extremely resistant to other natural damage. This material is more complex to produce and, so, more expensive.

ZMS can supply multiconductor cable shields as shielded cable 2 threads, shielded cable 3 threads, shielded cable 4 threads, etc.

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