Low Voltage Cable

Low Voltage Cable

ZMS Low Voltage Cable
ZMS Low Voltage Cable

Los low voltage cables are electrical cables for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy at a nominal voltage of 3kv and below, laid in a fixed position 50 Hz AC. Compared to medium voltage cables (3-35kv) and of high voltage (60-330kv), low voltage cables are the most versatile.

ZMS Cable Manufacturer provides the world with quality cable products. The range of low voltage cables includes: low voltage overhead cables, XLPE/PVC low voltage cables, low voltage underground cables and low voltage LSZH cables.

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Types of Low Voltage Cables

XLPE Low Voltage Electrical Cables

  • Applicable voltage: (0,6/1kv)
  • Material conductor: copper and aluminum conductors
  • Isolating material: Insulation of cross-linked material (XLPE)
  • Guilty: PVC
  • executive regulations: The cable design conforms to the national standard GB/T12706-2008 and the standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60502
  • Application: Its normal operating temperature of the conductors of cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation(xlpe) es 90°C.
Structure of XLPE Electric Cable
Structure of XLPE Electric Cable

Product usage characteristics:

  1. The ambient temperature at the time of laying is not less than 0℃ (below 0℃, must be preheated). And the drop of the cable is not restricted.
  2. The minimum radius of curvature for laying the installation is as follows: unarmored single conductor cable: 20D; non-armoured three core cable: 15D; armored single conductor cable: 15D; three core cable with armor: 12D; (formula D is the actual outside diameter of the cable)
  3. Low voltage cable operating temperature: PVC cover not higher than 90°C;
  4. overload temperature: the maximum overload temperature of the cable in the event of a short circuit is 130°C;
  5. Its maximum temperature rating of the cable conductor is 90°C. The short-circuit temperature of the conductor (maximum duration 5s) does not exceed 25°C.
  1. Rated voltage Uo/U of 0.6/1kv the long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 90℃
  2. Aerial cable with PVC and PE insulation: 70°C; XLPE insulated aerial cable: 90°C.
  3. In case of short circuit (maximum duration not exceeding 5 seconds), the maximum temperature of the cable conductor must not exceed
  4. PVC Insulated Aerial Cables: 160°C; PE insulated overhead cables: 130°C; XLPE insulated aerial cables: 250°C. This ambient temperature at the time of laying the cable should not be less than -20°C.
ABC Aerial Electric Cable
ABC Aerial Electric Cable

When the outer diameter of the cable is less than 25 mm, will not be less than 4 times the outer diameter of the cable; when the outer diameter of the cable is equal to or greater than 25 mm, will not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.

LSZH Low Voltage Cables

  1. Rated frequency voltage Uo/U: 0,6/1kV;
  2. Long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductor: 90°C;
  3. Permissible upper temperature of the cable core in the event of a short circuit (duration not exceeding 5s): 250°C;
  4. The ambient temperature must not be less than 0°C at the time of laying the cable;
  5. The bending diameter of multicore cables is not less than 15 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the bending diameter of single wire ropes is not less than 20 times the outer diameter of the cable.
ZMS Main Cable
ZMS Low Voltage LSZH Cable

Product usage characteristics:

Area of ​​application: The product cables are suitable for fixed laying in distribution networks or industrial installations with a rated voltage of 0.6/1kV and below..

(We can be manufactured according to IEC standards, BS, ASTM and CE according to customer needs.)

Composition of Low Voltage Cables

The electrical cable consists of a core, an insulating layer and a protective layer. The core is usually made up of braided copper or aluminum wires to conduct current. Low voltage cables are available in versions of one, From, three and four cores. Double core cables are used for single phase lines; three-core and four-core cables are used for three-phase three-wire lines and three-phase four-wire lines; single core cables apply to single phase or three phase lines, as necessary.

The most widely used low voltage cables are available in core sections of 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240 mm, etc. We also manufacture XTU cable, cable TTU, cable THHW, cable THHN, instrumentation RVV cable, cable H07RN-F, etc. ZMS cables are capable of adapting to your needs in terms of number of conductors and cable section.

Advantages of Low Voltage Lines

Unlike overhead low-voltage lines and isolated overhead low-voltage lines, the former is more expensive and difficult to install and maintain, but it has a wide application in low voltage power distribution systems. because they are reliable, do not lean on poles, do not occupy the ground, they are not unsightly and are less affected by external influences.

Low voltage cable lines are mainly used in places where reliability of power supply (see power supply quality) is high; where corrosive gases and flammable airlines, explosive and other low-voltage or isolated low-voltage overhead lines are not suitable.

Laying of Low Voltage Cables

These low voltage power cables commonly employ the following laying methods: 1. directly buried; 2. laying in the trench for cables; 3. stretched out along the wall; 4. laying in the tunnel for cables, etc.

The type of cable with low voltage is selected mainly based on the environmental conditions and the method of laying used.. If you are not sure which cable to choose, ZMS cable technicians will provide you with a suitable cable installation solution for your requirements..

Worldwide Cable Distributor

ZMS Cable Customers and Factories

ZMS cables are currently exported to various countries and regions for use in the construction of electrical installations.. At the same time, electrical cables are popular in the industry for their good quality and competitive prices.

throughout the years, ZMS company has become one of the world's leading cable providers. We not only have rich experience in cable manufacturing, but also an honest and trustworthy heart. ZMS has delivered high quality cables from China to the world. Made in China is famous all over the world.

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High Quality Conductive Materials

ZMS is located in Zhengzhou, China, one of the richest regions in electrical materials for cables. Why our cables have high quality performance? Because the cables are made with high quality conductive materials and good electrical conductivity. For example: high-quality oxygen-free copper conductors, tinned copper conductors, untinned copper conductors, stranded aluminum conductors, etc. Of course, if you have special requirements, cable conductor material can be selected according to your usage needs.

High Quality Insulating Materials

Our ZMS Group has accumulated a large number of sources of insulating materials over the years. We have a complete cable production system that sets very strict standards. From the selection of the conductors and the insulation of the cables, going through material testing, up to the processing stages. As a result, our cable products have the ability to adapt to a wide range of complex operating environments. There is a long shelf life.

Quality guarantee

We produce cables that meet the requirements of national and industrial standards. Cables are shipped with their respective production numbers (the date of manufacture and the person responsible for producing the cable). Besides, power cables are regularly tested by third party testing institutes and are accompanied by up-to-date test reports. Currently, ZMS will provide you with quality certifications of American cables, British, European and national. If you have other requirements, we can also help you with the certification process depending on the country you are in.

Shipping and Packaging

Our company ZMS cables will choose the fastest means of transportation according to your region and country to ensure fast and safe delivery.. The power cables are packed in trays with wooden boxes for safe and damage-free transportation..

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