underground cable

Underground Electric Cable

Underground Electric Cable

The underground cable it is a cable buried underground. The cable consists of one or more conductors plus insulation and armor. It is used to transmit electricity from one place to another.

With the development of society and the increasing pressure of traffic, underground power transmission is commonly used in big cities. The range of underground electrical cables is also becoming more and more varied..

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Electrical Materials:

Isolation: XLPE / PVC

Armor: SWA(armored steel wire) / AWA(armored aluminum wire)/STA(armored steel tape) / ATA(armored aluminum tape)

Advantages: Compared to the air Line, ZMS underground cable has the advantages of small size, a beautiful appearance, reliable transmission and strong anti-interference ability. We also manufacture XTU cable, cable TTU, cable THHW, cable THHN, etc.

Types of ZMS Underground Cables

Underground High Voltage Cable

Driver Number: 1

Voltage Range: >66kv

Is used for carry high voltage electricity. It has stable structure and long service life of 50 years. Includes heavy-duty armor protection to prevent accidental cable breakage.

High voltage cable
High voltage cable

Underground Medium Voltage Cable

Driver Number: 1-3

Voltage Range: 3-35kv

The medium voltage underground cable is used to transport medium voltage electricity. It has stable structure and long service life of 50 years. A variety of armor options are available.

Medium Voltage Underground Cable
Medium Voltage Underground Cable

Low Voltage Underground Cable

Driver Number: 1-5

Voltage Range: <1kv

It is used to transport low voltage electricity. The copper conductor cable has a long shelf life 70 years. We can custom manufacture a wide range of low voltage underground cables to meet all your needs..

Low Voltage Underground Cable
Low Voltage Underground Cable

Excellence in ZMS Underground Electric Cables

ZMS is a leading company in the manufacture of high quality underground cables. Our underground cables are designed to provide long-lasting, reliable performance in harsh underground environments.. With years of industry experience, ZMS has developed a wide range of underground cables that meet the highest quality and safety standards..

Our underground electrical cables are resistant to corrosion and moisture. This makes them ideal for use in harsh underground environments.. Besides, are designed to withstand extreme stresses and loads. They have solid and reliable performance.

The range of ZMS underground cables is available in various sizes and configurations.. Among them are underground cables 2×4, 2×6, 2×15, 2×25, 3×4, 3×6, 3×25, 4×4, 4×6, 4×10, etc. Copper is often used for underground conductors.. Nevertheless, ZMS can also supply the underground aluminum cable products..

And ZMS, we strive to provide high quality products at competitive prices. So, we work tirelessly to continue innovating and improving our products.

If you are looking for cheap underground cable price, ZMS is the right choice. Contact us now to learn more about our wide range of electrical cables and to receive a personalized quote.

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ZMS Case Studies

BOOT project in Nooriabad

Draft: Two natural gas power plants at the benchmark to solve the power shortage problem in Nooriabad area
ZMS Cables Solution: A wide range of ACSR conductors and MV power cables for this project.

Ecuador Airport Lighting

Draft: Airport lighting cable in Ecuador
ZMS Cables Solution: ZMS Group can be delivered within a period of four weeks, while other suppliers can only promise eight weeks.

power system 9 Buildings

Draft: Jordan Real Estate-Control system and power of 9 buildings
ZMS Cables Solution: ZMS Group was organizing the production of 10 wire and cable containers inside the 21 days and all cables on board with 3 days.

ZMS cable distributor

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Consulting Program Service

We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. You can ask us any questions about the cable. The company has perfect pre-sale management and after-sale technical support. It has a team of high-quality cable technology.

Fast Transportation Service

We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure efficient and fast delivery of our cables.. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you.

Regular After Sales Service

When our quality cable reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time. If at any time you experience a problem with our products, feel free to contact our customer service team. We are committed to responding to your inquiries and concerns in a timely manner and resolving any issues you may have..

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