Submarine Power Cable

Submarine Power Cable

submarine power cable

The submarine power cable can be used for transoceanic power transmission, offshore wind power generation, offshore oil platforms, etc.

ZMS submarine power cables can be divided into medium-voltage submarine cables and high-voltage submarine cables.. Los insulation materials of this type of cables are usually XLPE or EPR.

In addition to its high standard water resistance, ZMS submarine power cable has high mechanical and corrosion resistance. It can meet the need for stable power transmission in different underwater environments.

Apart from submarine electrical cables, we also manufacture high quality products for the marine environment, such as submarine fiber optic cables, submarine internet cables and marine cables.

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Medium Voltage Electric Submarine Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Waterproof jacket: Semiconductive waterproof tape
  • Apantallamiento: copper tape
  • core wrap: PE
  • Armor: galvanized steel wires
  • Nominal voltage: 6/10(12), 12/20(24), 18/30(36) KV
  • Norma: IEC 60228, IEC 60502, IEC 60840, IEC 62067
submarine power cable
Information of ZMS electrical cables MV

High Voltage Submarine Power Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Waterproof jacket: Semiconductive waterproof tape
  • Apantallamiento: copper tape
  • core wrap: Lead, PE
  • Armor: Galvanized steel wires filled with bituminous compound
  • Nominal voltage: 127/220(245) kV, 160/275(300) kV, 200/345(362) kV, 230/400(420) kV
  • Norma: IEC 60228, IEC 60502, IEC 60840, IEC 62067
Cable submarino HV
Information of ZMS HV electrical cables

ZMS Catalog of Monoconductor Submarine Cables

Technical data of various models of ZMS single-conductor submarine electrical cables.

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Waterproofing of ZMS Submarine Electric Cables

When external forces cause damage to the cable jacket and insulation, moisture or water can penetrate along the longitudinal and radial gaps of the cable. This will reduce the electrical resistance of the insulation.. Thus, most submarine cables have both longitudinal and radial waterproofing measures.

The main radial measure is to wrap an impermeable expanding semiconducting tape around the outside of the insulation and metal shielding. Besides, a metallic waterproofing layer is added to the metallic shielding, namely, a metal sheath.

Medium voltage cables have a relatively low electric field intensity. Therefore, generally aluminum and plastic or polymer composite covers are used. For the high voltage power cables metal lead covers are used, aluminum and stainless steel.

Polymer cases are waterproof, but have a certain degree of water absorption. This is due to its structure., which is primarily a semi-crystalline polymer composed of a crystalline phase and an amorphous phase. The crystalline phase is compact. The molecules of the amorphous phase are loosely arranged and there are large spaces between them..

Under the action of alternating electric fields, polar water molecules are constantly moving back and forth. And they can penetrate the isolating material through the voids and crystalline flaws. Therefore, when using a polymer coating, the liner must be filled with a water-absorbing agent.

Longitudinal water resistance is mainly achieved by compressing the core of the cable or by adding water-blocking substances.. It is more effective when filled with water blocking powder. It absorbs tens or even thousands of times more water than itself.

Besides, has a high rate of swelling. May swell rapidly to form a gel-like substance after absorbing water. This blocks the water seepage channels and stops the spread of water and moisture.

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Laying and Installation of ZMS Submarine Electric Cables

  • After arriving at the installation site, the cable should be visually inspected for any external damage.
  • on the construction site, the coil of cable must only be wound in the direction indicated on the flange, otherwise the cable could become loose and difficult to handle.
  • The route of laying the cables must be decided in advance, taking into account issues such as transportation, weather and terrain conditions, splices and termination locations.
  • During cable laying, the required minimum bending radius must be strictly maintained..
  • If the cable is pulled with a ring or winch, the utmost care must be taken so that the tension of the cable is within its limits.
  • If the cable is laid in a conduit or pipe, the outside diameter of the conduit or pipe must be at least 1,5 times the diameter of the cable.
  • When selecting the cable size, Appropriate derating factors must be applied based on environmental and installation conditions.
  • after laying, the system must be energized after having withstood the dc voltage test.

Cables under the sea in shallow areas are still at risk of being scraped by ships dropping anchor, mechanical drag operations, etc. This is because the density of ship traffic and cable laying can be higher in shallower areas.. And submarine cables are very difficult to maintain and require a high level of technical knowledge.. For this reason, signaling is often necessary in shallow water to warn ships of the presence of submarine cables.

ZMS submarine cables applications

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