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ZMS Cable Manufacturer

ZMS is a professional supplier of electric cables. It was established in 1990, has its own large-scale production plant for 63,000 square meter, more of 500 professional employees and more than 10,000 power cable products.

The staggering annual production of 500 million units is a testament to the skill and efficiency with which ZMS operates. Besides, His achievements are not just limited to production, since its annual sales reach an impressive figure of 300 millions. This combination of mass production and sales success underscores the confidence and preference that customers have in ZMS products..

The diversity of the types of cables that ZMS offers is an outstanding aspect of its offer. From power cables to communication cables, passing through control cables and much more, ZMS prides itself on being a one-stop source for all electrical cable needs.. Whether you require cables for industrial applications, commercial or residential, ZMS electrical cable provider is ready to provide the perfect solution to suit your specific needs..

ZMS Main Power Cables

ZMS Aerial Cables

Electric Aerial Cable

ZMS overhead power cable is durable and has a long service life. Uses the most advanced cable production methods. Therefore, it saves a lot of cost and has better quality.

- Model: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ABC, etc.

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Cable HTLS Conductor

ZMS HTLS conductor cable is ideal for increasing the current capacity of existing transmission lines. They can improve safety reserves and transmission capacity without affecting the negotiated right of way.

- Model: INVAR, GAP, ACSS, ACCC/TW, etc.

ZMS pre-assembled cables

preassembled cable

ZMS pre-assembled cables have excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Provides a reliable and secure supply of electricity. These insulated aluminum cables are easy to lay and maintain.

- Model: Preassembled 2x25, 2x16, 2x10, 2x6, 3x35, 4x16, 4x25, etc.

Underground Electric Cable

Underground Electric Cable

ZMS underground cable is laid underground. Features insulation and armor protection. It is easy to place, does not take up space and has high security. Underground power cable is the most reliable product in major cities.

- Model: under tension, Medium Voltage, High voltage, CU(AL)/XLPE/SWA/PVC

submarine cables

Submarine cable

ZMS submarine power cables are highly waterproof and resistant to external mechanical forces. They have a long shelf life, short delay times, high transmission capacity and low communication costs.

- Model: Submarine Power Cable, Submarine Optical Fiber, Cable Marino

OPGW Óptica fiber

ZMS Fiber Optic Cable OPGW Conductor

Lines with high voltage higher than 110 kv have a relatively large range (usually above 250 M).

It is easy to maintain, easy to solve the line crossing problem and its mechanical characteristics can meet the requirements of large line crossing.

The outer layer of OPGW is a metal armor, which has no effect on high voltage electrical corrosion and degradation.

ZMS Singlemode and Multimode ADSS Cable

ZMS ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS fiber optic cable has a large number of fiber cores, It is lightweight and contains no metals. (all dielectric).

This fiber optic cable is widely used in power communication systems. ADSS fiber optic cable can be configured with power lines and towers.

Armed fiber optics

ZMS Armored Fiber Optic Cable

ZMS armored fiber optic cables include indoor fiber optic, outdoor fiber optic, armed single-mode fiber optic, armored multimode optical fiber, etc. They have superior compressive strength, stretching and bending.

- Model: Armored fiber optic for interiors, outdoor armored fiber optic, underwater fiber optics

preformed fiber optic accessories

Fiber Optic Fittings

Types of ADSS/OPGW accessories include fiber optic retention fittings, fiber optic suspension fittings, bird flight diverter, performed hardware, lead down clamps and other accessories for fiber optics.

ZMS Cable has an independent department that focuses on the design and manufacture of high-end fiber optic cables and ADSS accessories. / OPGW.

Fiber Optic Box

Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Nap Box

ZMS fiber optic distribution box provides strong and reliable protection for fiber optic connection.

In general, used for direct connections and divergent connections of aerial outdoor fiber optic cables, pipelines, direct buried, FTTH, etc., plays a role in protecting the union.

The fiber optic nap box is composed of four parts: housing, internal components, sealing elements and fiber protection.

Concentric Cable

Concentric Wire

The electrical loss of ZMS concentric cable is small. Its structure greatly reduces electromagnetic interference.

Therefore, its anti-interference ability is strong, no additional shielding required. Besides, has a smaller outer diameter and lighter weight.

- Model: Custom

Control Cable Types

control wire

ZMS control cable is suitable for industrial companies, mining and energy transport departments. Its advantages are anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and anti-shatter.

- Model: CU/XLPE/AL TAPE SCREEN/SWA/PVC, BS 5308, etc.

Special Wire

Special Wire

ZMS can produce a variety of special cables according to the diverse needs of our customers.. Such as fire resistant cables, corrosion resistant cables, etc.

- Model: Cable Solar, High Temperature Wire, Submarine cable, Fireproof Electrical Cable, Cable Flexible Plano, Cable ATEX, Cable Industrial, EV Charging Cable

Multiple Structures of ZMS Electric Cables

Aluminum Electric Cable

Aluminum Conductor Cable

ZMS can produce a variety of special cables according to the diverse needs of our customers.. Such as fire resistant cables, corrosion resistant cables, etc.

- Model: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ABC, etc.

Copper Conductor Cable

Copper Conductor Cable

Copper conductor has excellent electrical conductivity, strong structure and not easy to break. It is currently the most popular cable in the city.

- Model: CU / XLPE(PVC), CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC, etc.

XLPE Insulated Cable

Insulated Electric Cable

Isolation can effectively improve the safety of the transmission system. We can provide a variety of insulated cables, as XLPE, PVC, PE, Goma, etc.

- Model: CU(AL)/XLPE(PVC)(PE)(EPDM), etc.

ZMS Screened Cables

Shielded Cable

Shielded cables can significantly reduce interference during power and signal transport. We can offer all kinds of shielding solutions.


Armored Electric Cable

Armed Cable

The excellent armor of ZMS considerably increases the useful life of the electrical cable. Armor protects the cable from damage.

- Model: CU(AL)/XLPE(PVC)/SWA(STA)/PVC, etc.

Tension Electric Cables

High tension cables

High voltage cable

The types of high voltage cables are high voltage overhead cables and high voltage buried cables.. According to your engineering needs, we will provide you with a professional purchasing plan. We guarantee your earnings and engineering results.

- Model: more than 66kV

Medium Voltage Cable

Medium Voltage Cable

Our medium voltage electrical cables have a high-quality protection structure and a resistant armor. Besides, if you need air pressure cable, we can customize it for you.

- Model: from 3kV to 35kV

Low Voltage Electric Cable

Low Voltage Cable

We sell all kinds of low voltage cables. They are structurally stable and inexpensive. ZMS Cable is your best choice.

- Model: less than 1kV We sell all kinds of low voltage cables. They are structurally stable and inexpensive. ZMS Cable is your best choice. - Model: less than 1kV

ZMS Electric Cables for Light

ZMS light cables

Light cable

ZMS manufactures a wide range of industrial light cables. These outdoor light cables are flame retardant and flexible, and can resist external mechanical forces. Provide reliable and stable lighting for a long time.

- Model: CU / PVC / Rubber / SWA / STA, etc.

Cable Unipolar y Multipolar

Cables multiconductores

Cable Unipolar y Multipolar

ZMS single core cables and multicore cables are not susceptible to oxidation by air, They are short-circuit resistant and have a long service life..

- Model: Cable Unipolar 2.5 mm2, Cable Unipolar 4 mm2, Cable Unipolar 6 mm2, Cable Multipolar, etc.

ZMS Products Associated with Cables

ZMS Catalog of Products Associated with Cables

Description and parameters of the products associated with cables included high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, heat shrink cable accessory, transformer, etc.

Qualification Of ZMS Electric Cable Group

ZMS Cables For Sale

ZMS Electrical Cable Manufacturer is a specialized supplier in the field of electrical wires and cables suitable price.

Produces a wide range of cable products in large quantities.

Besides, provides complete supply services for cable distributors, cable buyers and cable companies worldwide.

Includes consulting services, shopping services, transport services, after sales services, etc.

It was established in 1990, has its own large-scale production plant for 63,000 square meter, more of 500 professional employees and more than 10,000 electrical cable products low price. Every year, ZMS production is 500 millions.

The sales volume is 300 millions. Our cables are sold to 183 countries around the world (It includes: Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, etc.).

After years of development, ZMS Cable Group adheres to the business philosophy of unity, pragmatism, integrity and innovation.

Has established a comprehensive quality assurance system. The company also has several quality certificates: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, FROM, etc.

Parameter of ZMS Cable Electrical Materials

  • Conductor: Copper Aluminum (ACSR AAC AAAC etc.)
  • Isolation: XLPE, PVC, PE, Halogen-free cable, Rubber, etc.
  • wire gauge: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, … more than 100mm²

Manufacturing of ZMS Cables

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