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Electric Aerial Cable

ZMS aerial cable is highly durable and has a long service life. Uses the most advanced cable production methods. Therefore, it saves a lot of cost and has better quality.

– Model: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ABC, etc.

ZMS HTLS conductor cable is ideal for increasing the current capacity of existing transmission lines. They can improve safety reserves and transmission capacity without affecting the negotiated right of way.

– Model: INVAR, GAP, ACSS, ACCC/TW, etc.

ZMS underground cable is laid underground. Features insulation and armor protection. It is easy to place, does not take up space and has high security. Underground cable is the most reliable product in major cities.

– Model: under tension, Medium Voltage, High voltage, CU(AL)/XLPE/SWA/PVC

ZMS submarine cables are highly waterproof and resistant to external mechanical forces. They have a long shelf life, short delay times, high transmission capacity and low communication costs.

– Model: Transoceanic Electric Cable, Submarine Fiber Optic Cable, Submarine Internet Cable, Cable Marino

The electrical loss of ZMS concentric cable is small. Its structure greatly reduces electromagnetic interference. Therefore, its anti-interference ability is strong, no additional shielding required. Besides, has a smaller outer diameter and lighter weight.
– Model: Custom

ZMS control power cable is suitable for industrial companies, mining and energy transport departments. Its advantages are anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and anti-shatter.


ZMS can produce a variety of special cables according to the diverse needs of our customers.. Such as fire resistant cables, corrosion resistant cables, etc. – Model: Photovoltaic Cable, High Temperature Wire, Submarine cable, Fireproof Cable, Cable ATEX, Cable Industrial

preassembled cable

ZMS pre-assembled cables have excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Provides a reliable and secure supply of electricity. These insulated aluminum cables are easy to lay and maintain.

– Model: preassembled 2×25, 2×16, 2×10, 2×6, 3×35, 4×16, 4×25, etc.

ZMS single core cables and multicore cables are not susceptible to oxidation by air, They are short-circuit resistant and have a long service life..

– Model: Cable Unipolar 2.5 mm2, Cable Unipolar 4 mm2, Cable Unipolar 6 mm2, Cable Multipolar, etc.

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