ZMS Cable Manufacturer

ZMS Cable Manufacturer

ZMS CABLE Manufacturer is a professional supplier of electrical cables. Our manufacturer produces a wide range of electrical cable products in large quantities.. you can quote the best electrical materials and ZMS. Besides, as a cable distributor, provides complete supply services for electrical cable distributors, cable buyers, wholesaler of electrical materials and cable companies worldwide. Includes consulting services, shopping services, transport services, after sales services, etc.

ZMS Aerial Electric Cable Aluminum and Copper
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Cable manufacturer ZMS works hard for global access to electricity. Just the electrical wires (power cables) high quality have the production value!

Our Dear Clients

ZMS electrical cable distributor has a large number of customers and a large number of users in more than 180 countries in Spain, Chile, Colombia, Peru, etc. we have good reputationstart a electrical material quote now! We hope to establish long-term cable cooperation with various distributors!, wholesaler of electrical materials and companies!

ZMS Power Cable Supplier Distributor Manufacturer

Case Studies

construction of a building 9 floors

Jordan Real Estate-Feeding and Control System demanded the low voltage power cables for 9 buildings. ZMS Cable manufacturer organized the production of 10 low voltage power cable containers according to BS standard from 6mm2 to 630mm2 within a period of 21 days and all the cables were embarked on 3 days.

Adelaide Airport in Australia, required 15km of airport lighting cable for your project. ZMS Electrical Cable Manufacturer Offered 5kV Single Core 6mm2 FAA L-824 Type C Cable for Indoor Lighting, outlet power cables, indoor power cables, emergency lighting cables, PE / nylon cable primario.

adelaide airport
mining electrical system

MongoliaOyu Tolgoi mining-Construction of a power generation unit demanded the power cables, control and instrumentation. The delivery of the cables by ZMS distributor of electrical cables was carried out within a period of 15 days from the order.

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Qualification of ZMS Cable Manufacturer

ZMS Electrical Cable Manufacturer

ZMS Manufacturer of electrical cables was established in 1990 in China, has its own large-scale production plant for 63,000 square meter, more of 500 professional employees and more than 10,000 cable products. Every year, ZMS production is 500 million in our cable factory. The sales volume is 300 millions. Our electrical materials are sold to 183 countries around the world (It includes: Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, etc.).

Our electrical cables and electrical materials are extremely cost-effective and have excellent product quality.. Cable supplier ZMS has a complete quality control system to monitor the stability of each electrical cable production process.. Therefore, ZMS Cable performance is excellent.

ZMS Electric Cable Factory is a specialized supplier in the field of electric cables and electric wires.. After years of development, ZMS Cables Distributor adheres to the business philosophy of unity, pragmatism, integrity and innovation. Our Manufacturer has established a comprehensive quality assurance system. The company also has several quality certificates: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, FROM, etc.

CE Certification

CE Certification

ZMS CABLE meets the rigorous standards of the European Union's CE certification, ensuring our products adhere to health regulations, safety and environmental protection. Our CE seal indicates that each ZMS cable complies with EU legislation, offering our customers high quality products that comply with European safety directives.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Committed to environmental responsibility, ZMS has obtained ISO certification 14001, underlining our dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. This certification reflects our ongoing commitment to reducing our ecological footprint., ensuring that our operations comply with international environmental management standards.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Prioritizing the well-being of our workforce and stakeholders, ZMS CABLE has the prestigious ISO certification 45001. This accreditation confirms our unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety management systems.. And ZMS, we go beyond compliance; we cultivate a culture of proactive risk prevention, ensuring a safer and more productive environment for everyone.

ISO/IEC 17025

ISO 17025

ZMS Factory Laboratory Technical Center is a recognized center of excellence for cable testing and inspection, ensuring testing is carried out strictly in accordance with ISO/IEC accredited laboratory certification 17025 CNAS. Our inspection center is a national level laboratory, offering a guarantee of our integrity and impartiality in compliance testing and inspection. And ZMS, precision and professionalism guide our path to excellence in cable manufacturing.

ISO/IEC 17020

ISO 17020

ZMS Cable distinguishes itself with ISO/IEC certification 17020, setting the gold standard for inspection bodies. This certification reflects our rigorous adherence to the criteria for the operation of various types of entities that perform inspections.. Our commitment to this standard ensures competence, impartiality and consistent operation, cementing ZMS's reputation as a trusted name in the cable manufacturing industry.

Service Commitment

The service objective of ZMS Manufacturer Electric Cables Supplier is to do everything possible for the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Receive customer visits with warmth and give clear and timely responses to their calls, emails and other inquiries.
  • Free installation training for users, use and maintenance according to your needs.
  • We are responsible for any damage, quality problem or shortage of products before delivery.
  • If quality problems occur during the quality guarantee period, we take care of the proper handling, exchange and return of merchandise free of charge if both parties confirm that they are our responsibility.
  • If both parties confirm that the problems are the responsibility of the user, we will also actively help solve them and try to satisfy user's requirements.
  • We will respond positively to changes in specifications, the type and quantity of the products due to design changes by the customer and we will endeavor to meet the customer's requirements. If the products ordered by the customer exceed the actual needs or the original ordered products cannot be used due to design changes, we will actively cooperate with the customer to do a good job in resolving the aftermath.
  • In the process of installation and use, if the user needs technical guidance, we will promptly dispatch professional and technical personnel to provide services to meet user requirements.

About ZMS Cable Group

Culture: Creating Happiness at Work

We foster an environment where work happiness is paramount.

Mission: Transcend More

We strive to transcend expectations, providing services, sincere products and values ​​to our clients and collaborators.

External Focus:
Committed to offering quality services and products, Our focus is on providing genuine values ​​to both clients and co-workers..

Internal Focus:
We promote experiences of synergy and personal growth among our collaborators, promoting an internal environment that encourages mutual development.


We aspire to serve as catalysts for the growth of our employees, building friendships and commitments around the world.

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