Mining Cable

Mining Cable

ZMS Mining Cables

The mining cable it is essential in mobile equipment used in mining activities, like continuous minelayers, coal cutters, drills or pumps. These cables are specifically designed to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions found in mining environments., ensuring reliable power and data transmission.

ZMS mining cables are built with fire resistant materials, abrasion and aggressive chemicals, thus ensuring its integrity and durability under challenging circumstances. These mining cables provide a secure and stable connection to various mobile equipment used in mineral extraction and processing.. Its highly flexible construction makes it easy to install and maintain., providing a reliable and durable solution for the most rigorous mining operations.

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ZMS Mining Cable Types

Type G Mining Cable

  • Conductor: annealed copper / Tinned copper
  • Isolation: EPR
  • Grounding: Copper / Tinned copper
  • Deck: CPE
  • Number of drivers: 2/3/4
  • Nominal voltage: 2kV
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 6×OD
  • Maximum conductor working temperature: +90°C

Type G mining cable is suitable for use as a heavy-duty power cable or for mobile and portable mining equipment applications. ZMS mine ropes are available with other jacket materials, such as CSP/PCP/NBR/PVC, according to customer requirements.

Type G Mining Cable

Type W Mining Cable

  • Conductor: annealed copper / Tinned copper
  • Isolation: EPR
  • Booster: Polyester fiber braid to increase mechanical resistance
  • Deck: CPE
  • Number of drivers: 1/2/3/4/5
  • Nominal voltage: 2 kV
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 6 x outside diameter
  • Maximum conductor working temperature: +90°C

W type mining cable is designed for mining railcars and other mobile coil equipment. It is suitable for occasions where constant bending and rolling need to be endured.. Type W cables are for general applications where a bare ground wire is not required..

Type W Mining Cable

Cable Minero SHD GC

  • Conductor: tinned annealed copper
  • Isolation: EPR
  • insulation shielding: Tinned copper/braided fabric
  • Sensing ground wire: Tinned copper conductor with polypropylene insulation
  • ground conductor: Copper / Tinned copper
  • Deck: CPE/ TPU
  • Nominal voltage: 2kV/5kV/8kV/15kV/25kV
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 6 x FROM
  • Maximum conductor working temperature: +90°C

SHD GC mining cable is suitable for long arm coal miners, continuous coal miners, loaders, drilling rigs, conveyors, pumps and other mobile equipment requiring ground wires, ground detection cables and metal shields. Los SHD-GC TPU insulated cables are suitable for powering heavy equipment such as bucket blades, being drawn, drilling rigs.

SHD GC Cable

Mining Trailer Cable

  • Conductor: flexible tinned annealed copper
  • conductor shielding: material semiconductor
  • Isolation: EPR
  • Insulation shielding: semiconductor rubber
  • Armor: Tinned annealed copper wire
  • Deck: PCP/CPE/CSP

Mining drag cables are mainly used for powering flexible mining machinery and equipment.. These small flexible mining cables are suitable for drilling rigs and hand tool equipment.

Mining Drag Cable

Manufacture of ZMS Mining Cable

Discover the excellence of ZMS mine cables, that have been rigorously factory inspected to ensure exceptional quality and performance. We comply with numerous international standards, including ICEA, NO, ASTM y CAN/CSA, which supports our dedication to the safety and reliability of our products.

To ensure that our cables meet the highest quality standards, we subject each of them to strict tests and controls in our manufacturing facilities. This dedication to excellence has allowed us to earn the trust of customers around the world., who rely on our cables to ensure the safety and efficiency of their mining operations.

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Advantages of ZMS Mining Cable

extreme resistance

ZMS mining cables are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions without compromising performance.. From the highest temperatures to the most humid and corrosive environments, these cables continue to perform reliably, making them an ideal choice for mining operations in challenging environments.

Superior Durability

ZMS mining cable is constructed with high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology.. These cables are highly resistant to mechanical damage., impacts and deformations. Superior durability ensures long cable life, resulting in cost savings and increased reliability in mining operations.

Guaranteed Security

Safety is a priority in the mining industry, and the ZMS cables comply with the highest safety standards and applicable regulations. These cables are designed to be fire resistant., which helps prevent the spread of fires in the event of an unexpected event. Besides, its construction free of toxic and dangerous substances protects both workers and the environment.

High Load Capacity

ZMS mining ropes are designed to withstand heavy loads and significant mechanical stress, making them ideal for applications involving large mining machinery and equipment. Its reliable load capacity guarantees optimal performance even in the most demanding working conditions., which improves the efficiency and productivity in the mining operation.

ZMS Mining Cables

Flexibility and Ease of Installation

Despite its strength and high load capacity, ZMS cables are highly flexible, which facilitates its installation in confined spaces and in areas of difficult access within the mines. Its flexibility also allows for quick and easy installation., which saves time and effort in the assembly and maintenance process.

Compatibility with Diverse Equipment

cables for mining ZMS cable factory They are designed to be compatible with a wide range of equipment and machinery used in the mining industry., from heavy machinery to control and monitoring systems. This versatility ensures that ZMS cables are suitable for various applications within mining., providing a reliable and convenient solution for different needs.

Energy efficiency

ZMS cables are designed to offer low electrical resistance, which helps to reduce energy losses during power and data transmission. By improving energy efficiency, these cables help minimize operating costs related to energy consumption in mining operations.

ZMS Specialized Technical Support

ZMS CABLE provides a highly trained technical support team. This team is ready to provide assistance and advice at all stages, from selecting the most suitable cable for a specific application to after-sales support, ensuring a positive and trustworthy experience for customers.

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