Types of Fiber Optic Cable

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Types of Fiber Optic Cable

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The main products of ZMS Fiber optic cable son: ADSS fiber optic cable, cable OPGW conductor, OPPC fiber optic cable, aerial fiber optic fittings, fiber optic box, underwater fiber optics, optical fiber ftth, outdoor fiber optic, fibra drop, OPPC fiber optic cable. The price of ZMS fiber optic cable is reasonable, production is stable and transportation is fast. We are your best partner.

As one of the most professional fiber optic manufacturers, Our aerial fiber optic cables are widely used in multi-site wind farm projects and power grid projects to ensure the normal and stable operation of power communication lines..

  1. Lines with high voltage higher than 110 kv have a relatively large range (usually above 250 M).
  2. It is easy to maintain, easy to solve line crossing problem. Its mechanical characteristics can meet the requirements of large line crossings.
  3. The outer layer of OPGW is a metal armor. Has no effect on high voltage electrical corrosion and degradation.
  4. OPGW must be turned off during build. And the energy loss is relatively large. So, OPGW should be used on newly constructed high voltage lines above 110 kv.
  5. On OPGW Performance Indicators, the greater the short circuit current, more it is necessary to use good conductors for shielding. Besides, the tensile strength will be reduced accordingly.

  1. The ADSS fiber optic cable can withstand extreme weather conditions (strong winds, hail, etc.).
  2. ADSS is highly adaptable to temperature and has a small coefficient of linear expansion..
  3. The small diameter and light weight of the ADSS cable reduce the impact of ice and high winds on the fiber optic cable. They also reduce the load on pylons., maximizing the use of tower resources.
  4. The ADSS cable does not need to be attached to the power line or back line, can be individually erected on the tower, and can be built in non-outage conditions.
  5. The ADSS is a self-supporting cable, so it is installed without the need for auxiliary hooks, like hanging wire.


  1. OPPC cable is an aerial fiber optic cable in which the fiber optic unit is combined with the phase conductors, having a double function of phase line and communication.
  2. Mainly used in suburban distribution networks and rural power networks with voltages below 110 kV. When it is not possible to install OPGW optical ground cables, OPPC is a preferable alternative.
  3. Operates at elevated temperatures and also provides a channel for special applications such as transmission line temperature measurement, defrosting, among other.
  4. Safe and reliable, equivalent to normal phase line, no risk of breakage due to lightning strike.
  5. Accessories and fittings of OPPC cables installed in high voltage systems must be insulated.
OPPC-24B1-240-30 Structural Parameters
Material Amount Material Amount Raw material diameter
Fiber G.652 24
center 20.3%AS 1 2.5 mm
First layer 20.3%AS 5 2.4 mm
Stainless steel tube 1 Number of fiber cores 24 2.4 mm
Second layer AL 9 3.6 mm
Third layer AL 15 3.6 mm

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