Electric Aerial Cable

Aluminum Air Cable

Electric Aerial Cable

Types of Air Cable

Los electrical overhead cables they are mainly used to transport electricity in the air. Main types of electrical aerial cable:

  • ABC Cable (preassembled cable): Suitable for places with special geographical features.
  • AAC Cable: Aluminum, suitable for short-distance electricity transport.
  • AAAC Cable: Aluminium alloy, suitable for transporting electricity over long distances.
  • ACAR Cable: aluminum core, reinforced aluminum alloy, suitable for primary and secondary distribution.
  • ACSR Cable: steel core, suitable for transporting electricity over long distances.
  • HTLS Conductor Aerial Cables
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Conductor Material:

Cross-sectional area of ​​cable:





AAAC Bare Wire



Bare ACSR Cable



Its main isolation methods are XLPE insulation (cross-linked polyethylene) or air insulation. ZMS overhead cable prices are cheaper, and its quality is higher. It has a long life and is durable.

Types of ZMS Overhead Electric Cable

The aerial pre-assembled cable (ABC cable) is specifically designed for overhead transmission systems. Its production technology is stable. It is a widely used cable in the market.

Conductor: Copper, Aluminum, Aluminium alloy

Isolation: PVC, HDPE, XLPE

ABC Cable Aéreo
ABC Cable Aéreo

AAC Aluminum Aerial Cable

AAC cable for overhead power line is mostly used in urban areas, where the distances between the supports are short. This type of cable is made up of one or more aluminum conductors., according to end use. It is also widely used in coastal areas because it is highly resistant to corrosion.ón.

Conductor: Aluminum

aac cable aerial
AAC Cable Aéreo

AAAC Aluminum Alloy Aerial Cable

ZMS uses the most advanced production methods to produce the best quality AAAC aluminum alloy cable.. Can be used for projects with large spans. It is affordable and of excellent quality.

Conductor: Aluminium alloy

AAAC Wire Conductor
AAAC Wire Conductor

ACSR Steel Core Aerial Cable

ACSR aerial cable (steel core) It has good electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical strength.. Its tensile strength is high, so the distance from the tower can be greater. The utility model has the advantages of a simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low price and large amount of current. It is used in high voltage transmission lines and medium voltage.

Conductor: Steel, Aluminium alloy

Aluminum Conductor ACSR
Aluminum Conductor ACSR

ACAR Aluminum Core Aerial Cable

ACAR cable is used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable.. Its good strength-to-weight ratio makes the ACAR applicable where ampacity and strength are primary considerations in line design. It also has great resistance to corrosion.

Conductor: Aluminum, Aluminium alloy

air sugar cable
ACAR Cable Aéreo

The HTLS conductor is the generic name for a series of new overhead cables. These conductors are characterized by their resistance to high temperatures and low electrical resistance.. ZMS offers a wide range of HTLS drivers, as ACCC/TW, ACSS, ACSS/TW, MERCHANT, etc.

Conductor: Aluminum, Aluminium alloy

cable de conductor HTLS
HTLS Cable

The drop cable is essential to establish a safe and efficient connection between the electrical power distribution line and the customer's meter.. This type of cable is suitable for both single-phase and three-phase connections.. They are ideal for low voltage electrical energy distribution systems.. Its most common use includes implementation as aerial connections in secondary services.

Conductor: Aluminum, Copper

Concentric connection cable
Cable Connection

Presentation of ZMS Aerial Cable

Advantages of ZMS Aerial Cables

And ZMS, Our high quality aluminum overhead cables are the number one choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Key advantages of our products include:

  • Durability and Resistance: Our aerial cables are made of high quality aluminum, which gives them exceptional durability and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. This material is not only light, which makes installation easier, It is also highly resistant to corrosion, which extends its useful life compared to cables made of other materials.
  • Energy efficiency: Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity, which results in greater energy efficiency. Our overhead cables allow the transmission of electrical energy more efficiently, which can help reduce operating costs and energy consumption over time.
  • Sustainability: ZMS overhead power cables are environmentally friendly, since aluminum is a recyclable material, thus contributing to sustainability.
  • Personalization: Our overhead cables are manufactured to your specifications. We use strict production control to ensure that each cable perfectly meets your requirements.
  • Low maintenance: Thanks to its resistance and durability, ZMS overhead conductors require minimal maintenance, which reduces operating costs.

Trust ZMS to provide you with customized and reliable solutions to fit your transportation and transmission needs.. We are here to support you in your projects and guarantee your satisfaction.

ZMS Catalog of Aerial Electrical Cables

ZMS Aerial Cables Catalog

Technical data of a wide range of ZMS aerial cable models, including AAC, AAAC, ACSR, Pre-assembled and others.

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Aerial Cable Accessories

aerial cable accessories

Aerial cable accessories include metal suspension devices such as suspension insulator, the fixation, the protection, the link and the connection in airlines. ZMS offers a wide range of high quality aerial accessories for aerial cables and technical assistance for their installation.. Please contact us if you have any needs.

ZMS Hardware Catalog for Aerial Cables

Types and parameters of overhead cable accessories.

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Requirements for Aerial Cables

  • For overhead lines, stranded aluminum wire or steel core stranded aluminum wire should be widely used.. The section of the braided aluminum cable for the high voltage overhead lines will not be less than 50 mm2. Aluminum stranded wires with a steel core shall have a cross section of not less than 35mm2..
  • The section of the aerial cables must respond to the needs with maximum load.
  • The section of the overhead conductors must also be selected to satisfy a voltage loss not greater than 5% of rated voltage (high voltage overhead lines). In the case of lines of light with high visual requirements, voltage loss should not exceed 2% o 3% of rated voltage.
  • Aerial cables must meet certain mechanical strength requirements.

Principles of Overhead Line Wiring

  • In the construction and in the acceptance of the termination of the cable for overhead power lines, the pertinent standards must be followed to guarantee the quality of the construction and the safety of the line..
  • The overhead cable laying route for electricity must be reasonably chosen. Short routes with few corners and easy access are required. Maintain a safe distance from buildings.
  • In accordance with current regulations, overhead line cables must be ensured to be at a safe distance from earth and other facilities.

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