SWA Cable STA Cable

SWA Cable STA Cable

ZMS Steel Armored Cables

The SWA cable (Steel Wire Armoured) and the STA cable (Steel Tape Armoured) are two common types of steel armored cables. SWA is steel wire armor and STA is steel tape armor. Both cables have great mechanical and erosion resistance.

Steel armor protects the cable from external damage, making it less prone to cuts or breaks. SWA and STA cables ZMS armored cables are a popular choice in a wide range of industries due to their strength, durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions.

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Types of SWA and STA Armored Cable

SWA Low Voltage Cable

  • Conductor: annealed copper
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Armor: galvanized steel wire
  • Deck: PVC
  • Number of drivers: 2-5
  • Nominal voltage: 300/500V, 600/1000V
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 10 x cable outer diameter
  • Norma: IEC 60502-1

SWAs XLPE low voltage cables they are mainly used as cables for power plants, public transport systems, airports, petrochemical plants, Hotels, hospitals, high rise buildings, etc.

Low Voltage Armored Cable
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SWA Medium Voltage Armored Cable

  • Conductor: annealed copper
  • Isolation: PVC, XLPE, EPR/HEPR
  • Apantallamiento: Copper wire, copper tape
  • Armor: round steel wire
  • Deck: PVC, PE, LSZH
  • Number of cores: 1 o 3
  • Nominal voltage: 1,8/3KV-18/30KV (single core), 3,6/6,6KV-19/33KV (multiple cores)
  • Norma: IEC 60502

SWA medium voltage cables are mainly used in various scenarios, as power stations, inner ducts, exterior, buried and underwater. Los medium voltage armored cables they are also commonly used in power supply and distribution stations.

MV SWA Cable
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Virtual diameter under reinforced layer/MMIncreased Armor Diameter/MM

SWA Screened Cable and Instrumentation Assembly

  • Conductor: Annealed copper or tinned copper
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Apantallamiento: Aluminum or polyester tape with tinned copper wire
  • Armor: galvanized steel wire
  • Deck: fire retardant PVC
  • Number of lead wires: 1 x 0,8, 16 x 0,2, 24 x 0,2, 1 x 1,13, 7 x 0,53
  • Norma: BS 5308
  • minimum bend radius: 6 x total outside diameter of the cable

SWA instrumentation cables are typically used indoors and in wet environments. These armored cables are commonly used in industrial manufacturing for the transmission of communication data.. ZMS armored instrumentation cable is flame retardant and can be used to interconnect electrical equipment and instruments.

SWA Instrumentation Cable
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STA Cable

  • Conductor: It covers the aluminum
  • Isolation: PVC, XLPE
  • Apantallamiento: copper tape
  • Armor: Non-magnetic stainless steel tape
  • Deck: fire retardant PVC, LSZH
  • Nominal voltage: 600/1000V- 21/35kV

STA armored cables can be used in areas prone to mechanical damage and erosion. ZMS STA armored cables can withstand high mechanical stress and are the best option for direct burial.

STA Cable
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ZMS Manufacture of SWA Cables

What Are the Differences Between SWA Cables and STA Cables?

A metal protection layer can be added to any cable structure to increase its mechanical strength and its ability to resist corrosion.. This type of cable is designed for areas prone to mechanical damage and corrosion.. in terms of price, armored cables are between a 10% and a 15% more expensive than the cables without armature as preassembled.

The metallic protective layer of armored cables is commonly divided into steel tape armored cables (STA), steel wire armored cables(SWA), aluminum wire ropes (AWA) and aluminum ribbon cables (ATA). STA has advantages such as high strength and corrosion resistance., but it is heavier. SWA, on the other hand, It has advantages such as good flexibility and bendability., but its resistance to corrosion is lower. ATA is lightweight and corrosion resistant, but has lower resistance.

ZMS Steel Armored Cables

The main differences between SWA armored cable and STA armored cable are:


STA reinforcement can withstand transverse mechanical pressures, so it is suitable for cables for direct burial installations or in conventional pipes, on common grounds, tunnels, among others. SWA cable can withstand general longitudinal stresses, making it suitable for short-distance overhead installations or vertical and pendant installations.


Armored SWA cable is more expensive than STA cable, since its production requires a greater demand and, Thus, has a higher cost.

current capacity

There is not much difference between the SWA cable and the STA cable, just both must use non-magnetic stainless steel.


The load capacity and flexibility of the SWA fine steel wire rope will be better, but its resistance to pressure will be a little worse. The finer the steel wires, the better its flexibility and the worse its load capacity. Conventional STA armored cable has slightly worse load capacity and flexibility, but its resistance to pressure is better than that of SWA cable. STA steel tape armored cable can also be bent, although it can only achieve a minimum obtuse angle of about 120 degrees.

Magnetic Shielding Effect

STA steel armor has high magnetic permeability and good magnetic shielding effect, making it suitable for resisting low frequency interference, but can not completely replace the layer of cable shield.

Currently, STA is widely used in both low and high voltage cables, while SWA is used more in electrical high voltage cables.

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