FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH Drop Cable

ZMS FTTH Drop Cables

The FTTH drop cable, a.k.a. fiber-to-the-home network drop cable (FTTH), it is an essential component in bringing fiber optic connectivity from the main network to the end user. These cables come in various forms, as indoor and outdoor introductory cables, flat or round, and can be used in various network configurations, including FTTH, FTTO y FTTB.

ZMS FTTH drop cables stand out for their low-smoke, halogen-free jacket (LSZH), which increases safety in case of fire. Besides, their simple structure and lightness make them practical for installation and maintenance. The cost effectiveness of ZMS FTTH cables makes them an attractive choice for a variety of applications., from access networks to computer network systems.

Types of FTTH ZMS Drop Cable

FTTH Outdoor Self Supporting Drop Cable

The FTTH self-supporting outdoor fiber optic cable places the fiber optic units in the center of the cable and two parallel reinforcements on both sides. (metallic steel wire, FRP in metallic or KFRP), with an additional reinforcement of steel wire on the outside. And finally, is covered with an LSZH outer sheath to form the cable.

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FTTH Self Supporting Drop Cable


FTTH Indoor Drop Cable

The indoor FTTH fiber optic cable uses a flat butterfly-shaped structure, placing the fiber optic units in the center of the cable and two parallel reinforcements on both sides (metallic steel wires, FRP in metallic or KFRP). And it is covered with a sheath of LSZH.

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FTTH Indoor Drop Cable


FTTH Flat Drop Cable

FTTH flat drop cables usually consist of a polyethylene jacket (PE), a loose tube with fiber optics inside and two FRP reinforcements to provide high tensile and compressive strength.

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FTTH Flat Drop Cable

Round FTTH Drop Cable

Round FTTH drop cables typically consist of a single bend-insensitive optical fiber, covered by elements of heavy duty insulation (aramid) and an outer jacket that provides resistance and reliability in the entrance section of the network.

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Round FTTH Drop Cable

Advantages of ZMS FTTH Cables

ZMS FTTH fiber optic drop cables offer important advantages and benefits. We are confident that these fiber optic cables will greatly enhance your home connectivity experience..

Safety Priority

In ZMS Cable, your safety is our top priority. Our FTTH cables are designed with a low smoke, zero halogen jacket (LSZH), ensuring a superior level of security in your home environment.

Simplicity and Practicality

ZMS FTTH drop cables are distinguished by their simple structure, lightness and practicality, making them a highly desirable choice for any type of installation.

Exceptional resistance

Thanks to the incorporation of two parallel reinforcement cores and an additional steel wire, our cables offer exceptional resistance to both compression and traction, ensuring its long-term durability.

Unmatched Flexibility

The bend insensitive optical fibers in our cables allow for excellent bend resistance, meaning you can install them without worrying about compromising connection quality.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Our innovative design makes it easy to open and splice optical fibers, greatly simplifying both the initial installation and ongoing maintenance of your home fiber optic network.

Great value for the price

And ZMS fiber optic manufacturer, We believe in offering the best quality without involving an excessive outlay. Our FTTH drop cables provide exceptional value for money, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

ZMS cable drop FTTH represents a robust choice, durable and economically efficient to bring the last mile of network access directly to the home. We offer affordable prices and comprehensive services for fiber optic cable distributors with high volume needs.. Contact us now!

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Selection and Use of FTTH Fiber Optic Cables

When used in purely interior applications, you should go for the FTTH indoor drop cable with butterfly shape for indoor. And when placed outdoors or along walls, you must choose the self-supporting optical fiber with reinforcement. To strip a round drop cable, no tools required, can be easily done with your hands.

In the case of FTTH optical fibers used indoors, the color of the coating must be white or a color that resembles the wall. When placed along the walls, the lining must have adhesive on the back or another material that facilitates the fixing to the wall. And in some cases, it must also have flame retardant properties or be low smoke and non-toxic.

ZMS: Cable and Fiber Optic Specialist

ZMS is your trusted partner for superior quality fiber optic and cable solutions. As one of the industry leaders, We offer cutting-edge products and services to meet the most demanding connectivity needs in the market..

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Our mission

And ZMS, our mission is to drive innovation and high-speed connectivity through world-class products. We strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions that exceed our customers' expectations in terms of performance., reliability and quality.

Our services

ZMS we offer a wide range of connectivity solutions, standing out in high speed fiber optic cables, superior quality electrical cables and accessories. Besides, we provide customized solutions tailored to your specific connectivity needs, backed by a technical support team that will guide you at every step. We partner with an excellent shipping service that gets your products to you quickly. In addition, we have a long-term after-sale service..

Commitment to Quality

Quality is our priority. All of our products undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure reliable performance and long-lasting life.. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction in every product we deliver..

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And ZMS, we are ready to be your partner in cable and fiber optic solutions. If you have any question, Would you like more information about our products or need personalized advice?, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team friendly and experienced.

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