copper wire

copper wire

Copper cables

The copper wire uses copper as a conductor. Good electrical conductivity makes copper the most widely used conductive material. It is produced in large quantities and is relatively cheap.. Most of today's cables use copper conductors.

ZMS cable products use oxygen-free copper up to a 99.9% de pureza. A wide range of high quality cables are manufactured using proven processes and advanced processing equipment. ZMS copper cables are ideal for many outdoor and industrial applications.

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ZMS we work with our customers to tailor our products to their specific needs and offer them excellent customer service..

ZMS Copper Cable Types

Concentric copper cable is often used in building electrical installation and telecommunication applications.. It consists of one or several layers of copper wires wrapped in a spiral around the central core.. ZMS copper concentric cables have a low core deflection rate and uniform thickness. It can guarantee the safe transmission of current for a long period of time.

The XLPE copper underground cable It is mainly used to transmit electrical power over long distances.. ZMS underground copper cables are very resistant and have a high conduction capacity. They are ideal for use in outdoor environments and in difficult conditions. Besides, The copper conductor used by ZMS has a purity of 99,9%. It has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance..

Tinned Copper Cable

The use of tinned copper prevents the cable conductor to turn black and brittle and the insulating gum to become sticky. Besides, this conductor is very easy to solder. Tinned copper is mainly used as a conductor in special flexible cables, such as mineral insulated cables, marine cables and photovoltaic cables. It is also used for the outer shield braid of the cable.

tinned copper cables

Copper network cable is a type of cable used in computer networks to connect network devices., como routers, hubs y switches. Copper network cables fall into two main categories: unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP). ZMS copper network cables have excellent signal transmission and are resistant to electromagnetic interference.

Why Choose ZMS Copper Cable?

ZMS Cables

high resistance

The permissible voltage of copper is between a 7 and a 28% higher than aluminum at room temperature. The copper conductor is even more powerful when it comes to resistance to high temperatures.

low resistivity

The resistivity of the electrical aluminum cables is approximately 1,68 times higher than that of copper cables. The electrical conductivity of copper makes it the preferred material for all types of cables..

good ductility

The ductility of copper alloys is 20 al 40%. And that of copper for industrial use exceeds 30%, while that of aluminum alloys is only about 18%. Aluminum is easy to break when repeatedly bent, while copper does not. Regarding the indicator of elasticity, copper is also among 1,7 Y 1,8 times higher than aluminum.

High Load Capacity

Due to its low resistivity, cables with copper wire of the same section have a higher permissible load capacity of about 30% to that of conductive aluminum cables.

Low energy consumption

ZMS copper cables have very low power losses. This contributes to more efficient power generation and environmental protection..

Long Transmission Distances

With the same cross section and the same current, the voltage drop of copper cables is relatively small. So, under permitted voltage drop conditions, copper electrical wires can transmit electricity over longer distances. This allows the power supply to cover large areas and helps to reduce the number of supply points..

Resistance to Oxidation and Corrosion

ZMS Gauge Copper Wires 12 have good resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Copper cable connectors are stable and do not cause oxidation accidents.

Low Heat Generation Temperature

At equal current, copper cables of the same section generate much less heat than aluminum cables. So, its operation is safer in the long term.

easy to work

Copper wires are flexible and allow a small bend radius. It is easy to put through the pipe and the wiring is simple. Besides, the high mechanical resistance of the ZMS cables with copper conductors allows them to withstand high mechanical stresses. This greatly facilitates the construction and laying of electrical cables..

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ZMS Electric Cable Factory

Cable manufacturing is a complex and precise process that involves several steps and requires a high degree of skill and technical knowledge.. And ZMS, we select high quality metallic conductor materials to ensure the best cable quality and performance. Our cable factory uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to produce high-quality, high-strength cables for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications..

ZMS Service Commitment

Cable Company ZMS is committed to supplying high quality products and excellent customer service to our customers.. We strive to maintain high standards of efficiency and precision in all of our operations., and we constantly work to improve and expand our offer of products and services.

Our goal is to be our customers' first choice when they need high quality and reliable power cables.. To make it, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide personalized and tailor-made solutions. We also provide technical support and advice to make sure our customers get the most out of our cable products..

Besides, we maintain an open door policy so that our clients can always communicate with us and send us their questions, comments and suggestions. In ZMS electrical cable distributor, We take our commitment to customer service very seriously and work hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services..

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