Airport Cable

Airport Cable

airport cables

The cable for airport guarantees the reliability and safety of airport electrical operations as an important part of the electrical system. If airport power lines fail, can cause massive power outages and seriously impact normal aircraft flights.

ZMS offers a range of reliable electrical cable products for airports. Among them, find cables for airfield lighting, airport runway cables, airport flame retardant and fire resistant cables, etc.

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Types of ZMS Cables for Airports

FAA L-824 Airport Cable

FAA L-824 Airport Cables are used to connect transformers and current regulators for airport lighting systems in series.. This type of cables is suitable for fixed applications such as taxiways, runways, navigation aids and obstacle lighting. Can be installed in conduit and directly buried.


Bare or Tinned Copper Stranded/EPR/Semiconductor Tape/Tinned Copper Tape/CPE Sheath

Technical data:

  • operating voltage: 5000 V
  • Operating temperature: of –40°C a + 85°C
  • Temperature range: of –60°C a + 250°C
  • Radius of curvature: > 12×OD
FAA L-824 Airport Cable
Cable FAA L-824


  • FAA L-824 Type B
  • ICEA S-93-639 / NO WC74

Airport Cable H07RN-F

H07RN-F airport cable is used for the connection between transformers and airport lighting equipment.. ZMS airport cable is resistant to hydrolysis and abrasion. This type of halogen-free cables works well at low ambient temperatures.


stranded bare copper/Special crosslinked elastomer/EPR

Technical data:

  • operating voltage: 450/750V
  • Operating temperature: of -20°C a + 85°C
  • Radius of curvature: >4×OD (static), >8×OD (dynamic)
Airport cable H07RN-F
Cable H07RN-F


  • NF C 32-102-4
  • HD 22-4

MV Cable for Airport C 33-224 / C33-225

The airport cable C 33-224 / C 33-225 serves as primary cable for airport lighting equipment. Typically used to connect constant current regulators and isolation transformers in series circuits, as well as between isolation transformers.


Bare or tinned stranded copper conductor/Composite semiconductor/XLPE/MDPE/Copper tape shield or copper wire/PVC/HFFR/CR

Technical data:

  • operating voltage: 7.2kV o 12kV
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
  • Radius of curvature: >10×OD (static), >20×OD (dynamic)
Airport cable C33-225
Cable C33-225


  • C33-224
  • C33-225

Success stories

Kuala Lumpur Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

ZMS supplied 12 km of FAA cable L-824 and H07RN-F for the expansion of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. These products provide lighting and power for terminals, runways, taxiways, aerodynamic platforms and installations.

Ecuador Airport

In 2017, ZMS supplied 5 km of FAA L-824 cable for an airport lighting maintenance project in Ecuador. The cable was used for lighting lines on runways for large aircraft.. According to customer requirements, ZMS designed the custom cable product that successfully met the needs of your application.

Airport in Ecuador

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Airfield Cable Troubleshooting

Airport navigation lighting plays a very important role in the safe take-off and landing of aircraft.. So, the normal operation of navigation light cables is a fundamental part of the overall system.

Currently, most airports use the method of direct burial to lay cables navigation lighting. This method exposes airport cables directly to the environment. The external work environment of airports is very harsh and is often damaged by various factors, as temperature variations, animal rodents, etc.

At the same time, airport cables are laid in long lengths and are widely distributed. Thus, if the cables of the airport navigation lighting system are not repaired in time, this could lead to the resumption of flights or even the closure of the entire airport.

Once the faults have occurred, it is very difficult to diagnose and fix, making cable problems an ongoing problem for many airports. So, How can you improve the safe operation of airport cables??

ZMS cable reels

Method of Diagnosis of Faults in Cables for Airports

Main circuit failure in the navigation light cable is diagnosed by shorting the core of the cable to the metal shield on the power supply.. At the same time, use a multimeter on the end to be tested to measure the resistance between the core and the cable shielding. If the measured value is infinity, there is a cut in the circuit. If the measured value is greater than the normal DC resistance of the cable by a factor of 2 or more, can be judged as a failure without breakage.

Example of Diagnostic Applications

In the course of test operations at an airport, navigation lighting lines failed, causing some of the center line lights to go out. The airport quickly adopted an emergency plan and carried out emergency repairs to the faulty lights..

The repairman first used a 2500V megohmmeter on the end of the circuit wire and found that the resistance to ground was approximately 0. Posteriorly, the DC resistance of the cable was measured with a multimeter to be 88Ω, which allowed to conclude that a ground fault had occurred. The normal resistance of the cable is 35 Oh. Therefore, it was concluded that the cable could also have an open circuit fault, which led to the decision that the cable had a compound failure.

The types of faults that occur in the cables of the airport navigation lighting system should be reasonably analyzed. And faults must be analyzed and eliminated in time. This performed?to an important role in ensuring the normal and safe operation of the airport.

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