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High voltage cable

The types of high voltage cables are high voltage overhead cables and high voltage buried cables.. According to your engineering needs, we will provide you with a professional purchasing plan. We guarantee your earnings and engineering results.

– Model: more than 35kV

Our medium voltage cables have a high quality protection structure and a resistant armor. Besides, if you need air pressure cable, we can customize it for you.

– Model: Cable Teck, XAT o EVA, from 1 kV up to 35 kV

Area: 350 mcm, 500 mcm, 750 mcm, etc.

We sell all kinds of low voltage cables. They are structurally stable and inexpensive. ZMS Cable is your best choice.

– Model: less than 1kV

Voltage of Electric Cables

ZMS Electric cables

Voltage is essential in the distribution and use of electricity. Since it determines the amount of current that can flow through a conductor and, Thus, the amount of energy it can transmit.

The voltage of electrical cables is used to determine the size and type of cables to be used in an electrical system.. Wire thickness is usually not related to voltage, but only with the current per unit area. At a given cable tension, the higher the load the higher the current.

Usually, the thicker the high voltage cable, safer is. This is because the thicker the high voltage cable, the higher its mechanical resistance and the lower the probability that it will break. It also has high conductivity and low losses., making it less prone to failure due to heat.

It is important to choose a cable that has an adequate voltage for the use for which it is going to be used.. If the wire is too thin for the voltage applied to it, can overheat and, in the worst case, cause a fire. Secondly, if the cable is too thick, can be unnecessarily expensive.

Cable tension is an important factor to consider when designing and using electrical systems.. If you are not sure which power cable to use, ZMS can provide professional advice to ensure the correct cable is selected for the intended use..

High voltage cable

HV Cable

High voltage cables are mainly used in the transmission and distribution of electricity over long distances and in industrial environments. For example, serve to distribute power to large plants and refineries in the oil and gas industry. High voltage electrical cables are often thicker and have thicker insulation than low voltage cables., since they have to withstand higher stresses. They also have a higher resistance to current and are capable of carrying large amounts of electricity without overheating..

Medium Voltage Cable

MV Cable

In industrial settings, medium voltage cables are mainly used in power distribution systems and lighting systems. Medium voltage cables are manufactured in a variety of diameters and insulation materials.. Can be placed in underground or above ground applications. Los underground medium voltage cables often have steel or aluminum reinforcements to provide additional support and prevent external damage.

Low Voltage Cable

LV Cable

Low voltage cables are mainly used in the distribution of electricity over short distances in residential environments., commercial and industrial. Low voltage cables are thinner than medium and high voltage cables because they have thinner insulation. LV cables are also used in control and signaling applications in industry..

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