XLPE Cable

XLPE Cable

XLPE Cables

The XLPE cable It is a cable widely used in industry for the transmission of electricity.. Cross-linked polyethylene XLPE is a highly heat-resistant cable insulation that can be used at 90 °C for long periods of time.

ZMS XLPE insulated cables have excellent resistance to moisture and high temperatures. They are also very resistant to abrasion., to mechanical damage and deformation.

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ZMS provides personalized services of electrical insulated cables to meet customer requirements for flame retardancy and environmental protection.

ZMS Cable Tipo XLPE

Cable N2XY / NA2XY

The N2XY and NA2XY cables are designed for use in industrial installations and municipal electrical networks with a nominal voltage of 0.6/1kV.. ZMS XLPE N2XY and NA2XY cables comply with IEC/CE/TUV/VDE standards. These insulated cables can be customized with a core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, etc.

Structure: Copper / XLPE insulation / PVC cover/LSZH

Cable N2XY / NA2XY

XLPE Copper Cable

XLPE copper cable is one of the most widely used types of cables for commercial and industrial power supply.. Los ZMS XLPE insulated copper cable products include XLPE single conductor cables and multi-conductor cables.

Structure: Copper / XLPE insulation / Armor STA/SWA / PE/PVC/LSZH cover

XLPE Copper Cable

Cable XLPE Aluminio

XLPE aluminum cables are light, making laying and construction easier. ZMS XLP aluminum cable is highly resistant to moisture, so it is not necessary to take special precautions when connecting the ends.

Structure: Aluminum / XLPE insulation / Apantallamiento CTS/CWS / Armor STA/SWA / PE/PVC/LSZH cover

XLPE cable insulation is highly resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, to water and oil. Thus, XLPE cables are suitable for use in the distribution and transmission of electric power in underground systems. ZMS XLPE underground cables are extremely reliable and durable, with a useful life of up to 30 years.

Structure: CU / AL / XLPE insulation / Apantallamiento CTS/CWS / Armor STA/SWA / PVC/XLPE/LSZH sheath

The XLPE control cable is used to transmit signals in order to control and monitor the operation of electrical equipment and systems.. The high flexibility and temperature resistance of XLPE cable insulation from ZMS allows it to be used in various environments.

Structure: CU / XLPE / PVC/LSZH

Los XLPE SWA cables submarines are durable and resistant to moisture and corrosion. So, are ideal for use in underwater environments. ZMS cable factory guarantees the internal stability of the insulation by controlling the crosslinking temperature and the extrusion pressure.

Structure: CU / Semiconductor / XLPE / Steel wire / lead/PE lining

Characteristics of XLPE ZMS Cables

ZMS XLPE insulated cable has a simple structure, a light weight, high load capacity and high mechanical resistance. It is resistant to heat and chemical corrosion. This insulated electrical cable can be used in power transmission and distribution lines with a rated voltage of 6 kV a 35 kV.

Cross-linked polyethylene XLPE insulated cables are manufactured using chemical or physical methods to transform polyethylene molecules from a linear molecular structure to a cross-linked molecular structure.. Namely, transforms thermoplastic polyethylene into thermosetting cross-linked polyethylene. Thus, its heat resistance and mechanical properties are considerably improved and its contractility is reduced. This allows it to be heated without melting., while maintaining good electrical properties.



  • Heat resistance: Cross-linked polyethylene XLPE with three-dimensional cross-linked structure has excellent heat resistance. Does not decompose or char below 300°C. The long-term working temperature of XLPE cables can reach 90°C and its thermal life can reach 40 years.
  • insulation performance: The XLPE insulation of electrical cables maintains the good original insulation characteristics of PE. And its insulation resistance increases even more. The tangent of its dielectric loss angle is very small and is not greatly affected by temperature..
  • Mechanical properties: Due to the establishment of new chemical bonds between macromolecules, hardness has been improved, the rigidity, wear resistance and impact resistance of XLPE cable. This compensates for the vulnerability of the PE to cracking due to environmental stress..
  • Chemical resistance: XLPE cables have a high resistance to acids, alkalis and oils. Its products of combustion are mainly water and carbon dioxide., that are less harmful to the environment. Meet fire safety requirements.

ZMS also offers double insulated cables and XLPE high voltage cables.. Los HV cables XLPE can be used on long-distance transmission lines for voltages up to 132 kV. As they are lighter in weight than other high voltage insulated cables, it is easy to handle.

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