Cable Flexible

Cable Flexible

flexible cables

The cable flexible it is a special wear-resistant cable, acids and alkalis. It is suitable for machine and equipment connections that have large bending requirements or require frequent movements.. Its areas of application include control systems, automation equipment, intelligent robots, lifting equipment, metallurgy, etc.

ZMS flexible cables can be bent more than 10 million times. They are wear resistant, water retardant and flame retardant. They can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. This range includes trailing cable, cable solar, cable marino, car charging cable and much more.

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Types of ZMS Flexible Cables

THHN/THWN Cable Eléctrico Flexible

  • Conductor: Solid Copper/Stranded Copper Wire
  • Isolation: PVC
  • Funda: Nylon

THHN and THWN flexible cables are suitable for wiring feeder and branch circuits in commercial or industrial systems. THHN cables are more resistant to heat and THWN cables are more resistant to water. ZMS has a wide range of flexible cables with PVC insulation, like the pigtail 8, the pigtail 10, the pigtail 12, the pigtail 14, the pigtail 16 and other sizes.

THHN Cables

Cable Plano Flexible

  • Conductor: copper wire/tinned copper, custom cores
  • Isolation: silicone rubber
  • Envelope: Mylar wrapped tape
  • Outer sling: silicone rubber

Flexible flat cables are used in large machinery, port machinery reel systems, large material handling equipment, etc. Los cable plano flexible 8 ZMS wires are designed to power large machinery. Can be used in steel mills, ports, minas, docks, etc. These flexible flat cables 4 threads, 6 threads, 8threads are oil resistant, abrasion, corrosion and aging.

Flat Cables

Cable UTP Flexible

  • Conductor: copper wire/copper plated
  • Isolation: silicone rubber
  • Apantallamiento: Foil / tinned copper braid
  • Outer sling: PVC
  • Operating temperature: From -60°C to +250°C

Flexible UTP cable is also known as unshielded twisted pair cable. It is mainly used for the transmission of digital signals in networks and the transmission of control signals of equipment.. This flexible cable can be easily towed and moved. ZMS flexible network cables have been tested for a million bends. They allow efficient signal transmission with very few losses. The range also includes flexible UTP cable for elevators.

UTP Cable

Flexible Silicone Cable

  • Conductor: Stranded fine tinned copper wire, according to EN standard 60228
  • Isolation: Special silicone rubber according to EN50363-1
  • External cover: special silicone rubber
  • Operating temperature: From -60°C to +180°C
  • Smaller radius of curvature: F 7,5 x cable diameter Ф

ZMS flexible silicone cables are resistant to cold, to ozone, to high temperatures and flame retardants. These flexible electrical cables have good resistance to environmental changes.. The range of ZMS flexible silicone cables includes solar flexible cables, marine flexible cables, EV cables for electric vehicles, etc. They are especially suitable for use in the steel production industry., the aviation industry, shipbuilding, as well as in ceramic factories, glass and cement.

TPU Cable Flexible

  • Conductor: copper wire/tinned copper
  • Isolation: high density compound
  • Outer sling: high density tpu
  • Operating temperature: from -60°C to +150°C

TPU cables are thermoplastic polyurethane cables. ZMS TPU cable TPU is characterized by its high rigidity, flexibility at low temperatures and resistance to abrasion. In the industrial sector, TPU case holds up very well against the harshest conditions. The use of flexible TPU cables considerably prolongs their useful life. These cables are commonly used as mining cables.

TPU Cable
  • Conductor: copper wires
  • Isolation: EPDM
  • Deck: CPE
  • Operating temperature: From -25°C to +60°C
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 6 x cable diameter
  • Nominal voltage: 450 / 750V

HO7RN-F cables are waterproof, Oil, the temperature, cold, UV rays, aging and fire. These cables are widely used in LED lighting, appliances and power tools.

H07RN-F Cable

Advantages of ZMS Flexible Cable

ZMS flexible electrical cables are soft and resistant to bending. They are suitable products for use in situations of bending in high frequency movement..

Flexible stranded cables include trailing cables and robotic arm cables for electrical power transmission. They also include special cables for control in aerospace applications, marinas, automobile and mining, among other.

The special silicone rubber coating makes this range of flexible cables resistant to wear and tear., the break, oil and corrosion. ZMS flexible copper cables are particularly suitable for stable data transmission and power supply in harsh environments, such as heavy mechanical loads, Coast zones, ports, fields and environments at extreme temperatures.

Flexible electrical cables are a very important part of automation equipment. Automation equipment is used frequently and requires a high level of control due to the need for efficient and precise operation.. Many machines move from one side to the other and require synchronized movements of the electrical cables..

A common method of laying flexible copper cables is to attach them in a drag chain.. Flexible conduit prevents wires from tangling. When the drag chain moves, the cables also undergo a synchronized movement. In these surroundings, The advantages of this type of cables are much more evident than those of ordinary electrical wires.

Flexible Silicone Cables

ZMS simplifies the construction of flexible cables, making it easy to install and use. Besides, our factory of flexible flat flexible cable has optimized the traditional production process, which considerably extends the useful life of the products. The flexible trailing cable can bend more than 1000 times.

ZMS flexible cable products undergo rigorous testing, including temperature tests, movement, torsion and resistance to the environment. This range includes flexible cable 1.5 mm, cable flexible de 2.5 mm, cable flexible de 12, cable flexible de 14, etc.

We also offer customized cables for customers' special requirements.. Depending on customer needs, flexible UTP cable type can be customized with high density tinned copper shielding. It can effectively resist electromagnetic interference with this structure. Trailing cable can be made of tensile material, such as polyester or aramid, to increase tensile strength as needed.

In the design, production and selection of electrical cable structures, ZMS flexible cable factory can help customers according to the use of the product, the cable characteristics requirements and the environment in which it will be used.

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