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Electrical cables are an essential and vital part of modern industry. Today, the two pillars of modern life, electricity and telecommunication, they are inseparable from the cables. Therefore, it can be said that the applications of the cables cover almost all the sectors.

According to the application sector, the wires of ZMS Co. Ltd. can be divided into cables for construction and engineering, mining cables, railway cables, communication cables, submarine cables and other cables for major industries. Besides, we also offer the preassembled aluminum cable Practical and easy to use.

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Building construction is a complete system and electrical cables are one of the important components of the system. The cable lines allow the electrical system to function properly and guarantee the success of the project.

Light cables are suitable for use in night construction, construction in the mines, offshore lighting, road lighting and other situations where a stable lighting supply is required.

Communication cables are used for digital communication and signal transmission. ZMS communication cables include aerial and submarine coaxial network cables and fiber optic cables..

ZMS submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables, submarine power cables and marine cables. Submarine power cables are mainly used for the transmission of high-power electricity under water.. Submarine communication cables have a high degree of confidentiality.

Airport lighting cables are widely used to interconnect transformers and dimmers in airport lighting systems.. ZMS can offer bespoke airport cable solutions.

New power cables mainly include solar cables and wind cables. ZMS new energy cables from zms have good UV resistance, to heat and cold. They are suitable for extended use in outdoor environments. It also offers the photovoltaic solar panels.

Electric vehicle charging cables are used to supply power to charging stations and to charge electric vehicles.. ZMS EV charging cable has a good concentricity of more than 80%. This product is resistant to high voltage and has stable performance.

In mine power supply systems, shielded cables are generally used for high voltage supply lines. Its failure rate is much lower compared to the used low voltage. ZMS mining cables are all flame retardant.


Cable for Railway and Metro

Railway cables are suitable for the transmission of railway signals, acoustic signals or control circuits of automatic signaling devices with a rated voltage of 500 V AND of 1000 V DC is inferior.

Qualification Of ZMS Electric Cable Group

ZMS Electric Cable Manufacturer is a specialized supplier in the field of electric wires and cables suitable price.

Produces a wide range of cable products in large quantities.

Besides, provides complete supply services for cable distributors, cable buyers and cable companies worldwide.

Includes consulting services, shopping services, transport services, after sales services, etc.

It was established in 1990, has its own large-scale production plant for 63,000 square meter, more of 500 professional employees and more than 10,000 electrical cable products low price. Every year, ZMS production is 500 millions.

The sales volume is 300 millions. Our cables are sold to 183 countries around the world (It includes: Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, etc.).

After years of development, ZMS Cable Group adheres to the business philosophy of unity, pragmatism, integrity and innovation.

Has established a comprehensive quality assurance system. The company also has several quality certificates: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, FROM, etc.

Manufacturing of ZMS Cables

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