Fiber Optic Fittings

Fiber Optic Fittings

fiber optic hardware
ZMS Cable we have an independent department that focuses on the design and manufacture of high-end aerial optical cables. (ADSS, OPGW) Y fiber optic fittings (ADSS accessories, OPGW accessories, etc.). ZMS Cable is a world leading manufacturer in the field of fiber optic communications. We manufacture and sell fiber optic cables to hundreds of countries around the world..
  • Tension Hardware Kit without ADSS/OPGW Output

  • ADSS/OPGW Suspension Hardware Kit

  • ADSS/OPGW Down Lead Clamp

  • Vibration Dampener for Aerial Optical Fiber

  • PVC Bird Flight Diverter

  • Preformed Protection Accessories for Optical Fiber

  • suspension insulator

  • Professional Personalization
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Types of ZMS Aerial Fiber Optic Fittings

The tension fitting is a dielectric termination designed for the termination of short reach fiber optic cables in low tension environments.. Dead-end clamp for ADSS/OPGW simplifies to a single-layer component, providing an economical solution for very light loads. Our product effectively transfers the low axial load at the end of the terminal foot to the low uniform radial compression near the terminal ring..

Dead End Tension Hardware Kit

herrajes de tension fibra optica
Fiber Optic Tension Fittings

The preformed fiber optic suspension hardware kit is used to fix the conductor in the insulating cord of the straight line tower, or to hang the lighting cable on the straight line tower. Can replace XGU type suspension hardware, XGF and other ship types that are widely used in the streamline.

ZMS manufactured preformed suspension hardware utilizes the hyperbolic waist drum damping pad to enclose the cable in the suspension location. It has the characteristics of great gripping force, little crown, light weight and small magnetic loss. It is especially suitable for lines of 220kV and above, as well as for areas with a lot of ice, long line projects and crossing line engineering.

Suspension Hardware Kit

herrajes de suspension fibra optica
Fiber Optic Suspension Fittings

The bird flight diverter is designed to make overhead lines and suspended structures visible to birds. And it provides an inexpensive means of reducing danger to both lines and birds..

Our products are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) high impact rigid. Possess excellent chemical resistance and strength properties, and retain good physical characteristics within a range of extreme temperatures. At the same time, industrial fumes and salt water cannot seriously degrade the properties of rigid PVC.

PVC Bird Flight Diverter

desviador de vuelo de aves
Bird Flight Diverter

Down Lead Clamp is used for fixing OPGW and ADSS on pole/tower. It is suitable for all types of cable diameters. Installation is reliable, comfortable and fast.

The lead clamp is divided into two basic types: pole and tower. Each basic type is divided into rubber insulating and metal insulating types..

The down insulating rubber clamp is generally used for the ADSS installation, while the insulating metal clamp is generally used for the OPGW installation.

Downward Lead Clamp

abrazadera de plomo hacia abajo
Down Lead Clamp for ADSS/OPGW

When the optical cable vibrates in the breeze, the head of the anti-vibration hammer suspended on the cable can vibrate freely by the movement of the cable. So, the steel threads of the anti-vibration hammer rub against each other. And the vibration will be transmitted to the anti-vibration hammer. The energy is converted into thermal energy by friction between the steel filaments and is consumed, thus effectively suppressing wind-vibration of the cable and prolonging the service life of the cable.

The product design has four natural frequencies, which can ensure the safe operation of fiber optic cable under various laminar wind speeds.

Vibration damper

amortiguador de vibraciones para fibra optica
Vibration Dampener for Aerial Optical Fiber

Preformed protection accessories are used to protect the cable from vibrations, clamping forces, friction and wear, arcing and other damage. It is usually installed on the boat-shaped hanger bracket and pillar insulator. The preformed eyelet or repair band can be used to repair the damaged cable and restore its original mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

The structure of fiber optic preforms is simple: a set of preformed wires form an empty tube, that is coiled and fastened tightly to protect the cable. Compared with widely used joint pipes and hydraulic pipes, preformed trims have the advantages of easy installation, good quality, High resistance to the corrosion, light weight and flexibility. Besides, do not affect the original mechanical and electrical characteristics of the cable.

Preformed Protection Accessories

accesorios de protección preformados
Preformed Protection Accessories for Optical Fiber

Other Accessories for Fiber Optic ADSS/OPGW

ZMS firmly believes that quality is our key value.. ZMS Cable controla, reviews and supervises all purchasing processes, production, quality and logistics to ensure full compliance with customer requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers and researchers is committed to continually evolving technology by updating materials and components to stay consistent with the latest products.. ZMS embraces best practices, the latest technologies and innovations to ensure our products deliver on the promise of sustainable development. We offer various types of ADSS/OPGW accessories and reinforced fiber for exteriors including fiber optic retention fittings, fiber optic suspension fittings, bird flight diverter, performed hardware, lead down clamps and other accessories for fiber optics.

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