Submarine cable

Submarine cable

submarine cables

ZMS Submarine cable is a type of cable laid on the seabed by a cable-laying vessel. Submarine cables can be divided into submarine communication cables and submarine power cables..

Our undersea cables have the advantages of good transmission quality, high reliability, long service life, low maintenance effort and high maintenance capacity communication such as optical fibers. Manufactured with a high degree of stability and consistency.

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galvanized steel wires, steel tape, etc.

If these submarine cables general cannot meet your needs, ZMS Wire Service We offer a professional tailor-made service.

Types of Submarine Cables

  • Conductor: It covers the aluminum
  • Isolation: XLPE, wire insulation which provides an effective barrier to very high potential differences between the inner and outer potential surfaces
  • insulation lining: Extruded semiconductor compound
  • water protection fence: Semiconductive waterproof tape
  • Apantallamiento: copper tapes
  • Separator: plastic film
  • Armor: galvanized steel wires, that provide mechanical protection and stability to tension
  • External cover: burlap ribbons, bituminous compound, polypropylene ropes
  • Conductor: Copper, circular compacted
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • insulation lining: Extruded semiconductor compound
  • water protection fence: Semiconductive waterproof tape
  • Apantallamiento: Copper wires and copper propeller with puffing powder
  • Separator: plastic film
  • core sheath: Al Laminated Tape. bonded to overlapping 8.PE sheath
  • Filling: polypropylene padding
  • fiber optic element: fiber optic cable
  • Armor: galvanized steel wires
  • External cover: burlap ribbons, bituminous compound, polypropylene ropes

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

  • Core: phosphated steel wire
  • fiber optic element: fiber optic cable
  • number of fibers: 2-288
  • loose sleeve: PBT
  • Filling: Pasta impermeable
  • inner armor: steel tape
  • Inner liner: PE
  • outer armor: Steel wire
  • Exterior revestment: PE

Submarine Internet Cable

  • Conductor: Oxygen-free copper with a 99% de pureza
  • Isolation: PVC/XLPE
  • Separator: plastic film
  • Apantallamiento: Oxygen Free Copper Mesh
  • Armor: steel tape
  • External cover: PVC/XLPE/Rubber

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Why Use ZMS Subsea Cables?

Submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables such as submarine fiber optic cable and electrical undersea cables..

Submarine communication cables are mainly used for communication operations. They are expensive but have a high degree of confidentiality.

Interoceanic electrical cables are mainly used for the submarine transmission of high-power electrical energy.. Transoceanic cables have the same function as underground lines, except that they are used in different applications and tended differently.

Submarine cable projects are recognized around the world as complex and difficult large-scale projects. From environmental surveys and physical studies of the sea, up design, manufacturing and installation of submarine cables, complex technologies need to be applied.

The manufacture of ZMS cables

Los ZMS submarine cables are highly waterproof and resistant to external mechanical forces, in addition to meeting basic electrical performance requirements. They have a long shelf life, short delay times, high transmission capacity and low communication costs.

ZMS cables under the sea can take full advantage of the extensive topography of the seafloor to minimize interference from external factors. At the same time, the limitations of the supports in which it is necessary to lean on for the overload of the ground are effectively reduced. Therefore, play an important role in the signal transmission and energy over long distances and in the efficient transfer of information and energy between regions.

How to Lay Cables Under the Sea?

The underwater excavator

Laying transoceanic cables requires the use of a cable-laying vessel. Cable coils are placed on the ship. And the most advanced laying ship can carry up to two thousand kilometers of submarine cable and lay it at a speed of two hundred kilometers a day..

Before laying, the laying route of the maritime cable is studied and cleared. Information on navigation at sea is also issued, safety precautions are taken and various other tasks are carried out. The submarine cable laying vessel carries the transoceanic cable to the designated laying area.

In the shallow seas, like the waters of less than 200 metros, cables under the sea are usually buried. In the deepest parts of the sea, the submarine cable is laid by a motorized positioning vessel.

It is equipped with fully automated construction equipment, such as remote control and automatic positioning underwater robots. It can accurately lay submarine fiber optic cables and submarine internetel cables to designated place.

The cable laying vessel is usually equipped with an underwater excavator. It is initially placed on the shore and fixes the fixed end of the cable. For laying ocean cables, is the counterweight that allows the cable to be immersed to the bottom.

The excavator is towed by the ship and performs three tasks. The first is to use a high-pressure water jet to remove sediment from the seafloor and form a cable trench.. The second is to put the fiber optic submarine cable through the cable holes. The third is to cover the power cable with mud and sand on both sides.

ZMS Perfect Service

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We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. You can ask us any questions about the cable. The company has perfect pre-sale management and after-sale technical support. It has a team of high-quality cable technology.

Fast Transportation Service

We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure efficient and fast delivery of our cables.. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you.

Regular After Sales Service

When our quality cable reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time.

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