Light cable

Light cable

ZMS light cables

Los light cables They are a type of ZMS power cable. Unlike light gauge wires 12 for home use, industrial light cables are often used for large outdoor lighting. Its application scenarios cover highways, tunnels, factories, workshops, minas, ships and offshore platforms, etc.

ZMS we manufacture flexible low price light cables, flame retardant and resistant to external mechanical forces. This type of electricity cables Provides long-term reliable and stable illumination.

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PVC, XLPE, Rubber, Halogen-free insulation, etc.

If the general low price light cable does not meet your needs, ZMS Electrical Material Manufacturer We offer a professional tailor-made service.

Main Types of Light Cable

Industrial lighting cables are suitable for use in engineering lighting, Energy, underground urban networks, power plants and buildings. ZMS industrial light cables have strong tensile and compressive strength and can maintain long-term stable lighting..

Structure: CU/STA Armor/PVC

industrial light cable
Industrial Light Cable

Mining light cables are mainly used in mining environments. Can be used in mining machines, conveyors, mobile substations, mine lighting, etc. ZMS produces mining light cables with good flexibility, flame retardancy and explosion resistance.

Structure: CU / Rubber

mineral light cord
Light Cable for Mining

Marine light cables can be used for lighting, power and control of various ships and constructions on water, like offshore oil rigs. ZMS marine light cable is a special salt and alkali resistant cable, with good water resistance and halogen free.

Structure: CU / PVC / XLPE / Rubber

light cable for boats
Marine Light Cable

Copper core outdoor light cables are suitable for outdoor project lighting, city ​​power grids, factory workshops and road tunnels, etc. ZMS Cable Group offers copper lighting cables with sufficient materials, they are heat resistant, corrosion and flame retardant.

Structure: CU / PVC

copper cable for light
Copper Cable for Outdoor Light

PVC lighting cables are used in a wide range of lighting fixtures, home appliances, industrial machinery and electrical heating products, etc. The conductors of PVC lighting cables manufactured by ZMS are made of oxygen-free copper., which provides high conductivity, Low power consumption and large current carrying capacity.

Structure: CU / PVC / SWA

PVC light cord
PVC Cable for Light

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