Medium Voltage Cable

Medium Voltage Electric Cable

Medium Voltage Cable

ZMS cable Manufacturer produce various types of medium voltage cables. The factory has a strong production capacity, high transport speed and perfect grades.

Use: Medium voltage cable is used for voltage 3 – 35kV. Cables with a voltage higher than 35kV are HV cables. ZMS overhead and underground medium voltage cables are widely used in power generation and distribution networks.

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Conductor: CU / AL

Electrical Materials Model: Cable Teck, XAT or EVA mono and multiconductor, 350 mcm, 500 mcm, 750 mcm, etc.

ZMS offers the marine medium voltage cables. If the regular model does not meet your needs, you can choose special cable from ZMS.

Main Types of ZMS Medium Voltage Cables

Single Conductor Medium Voltage Cable

  • Conductor: Aluminum/Copper annealed
  • Apantallamiento: Copper wire
  • Isolation: PVC/XLPE/EPR/HEPR
  • Armor: Aluminum tape
  • Coating: XLPE / PVC / LSZH
  • Strain: U0/U 6/10 KV, 12/20 KV, 18/30 KV

ZMS medium voltage single conductor cable complies with IEC standard 60502. MV cables can be used indoors, exterior, in pipes, minas, wells, underground and in underwater lines. Can withstand considerable pressure and external mechanical forces, as well as the axial stress.

MV Cable Monoconductor

MV Three Conductor Cable

  • Conductor: Aluminum/Copper annealed
  • Apantallamiento: Copper wire
  • Isolation: PVC/XLPE/EPR/HEPR
  • Armor: SWA (galvanized steel wire)
  • Coating: XLPE / PVC / LSZH
  • Strain: 3.8/6.6KV-19/33KV

The use of ZMS underground medium voltage cables three-core effectively reduces the footprint. It is especially suitable for use in multi-circuit projects at the input and output of substations.. This MV multi-conductor cable is widely used in various industrial sectors., distribution stations and power plants.

MV Three conductor cable

ZMS Medium Voltage Electrical Cables Catalog

From cables for medium voltage electrical installations to medium voltage underground cables, Our catalog of electrical cables offers a wide range of options for your medium voltage projects. In our varied range of cables you will find specific solutions for industrial applications, commercial and power distribution.

ZMS Medium Voltage Cables Catalog

Description and parameters of cable products 3-35 kV

ZMS Customized Medium Voltage Cables

In addition to standard medium voltage cable products, ZMS can also design and customize MT cables to suit our customers' different application requirements..

  • Cross sectional area: 35mm2 a 630mm2
  • Number of cores: Monoconductor o Multiconductor
  • drivers: Aluminum or copper (solid or braided)
  • Isolation: XLPE or EPR (for marine or offshore applications)
  • Apantallamiento: stranded copper wire, foil, extruded lead alloy
  • Armor: Aluminum tape (cables monoconductores), galvanized steel wire (cables multiconductores)
  • Exterior revestment: PVC, EPR, LSZH, etc., to meet different environmental requirements

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Manufacturing of ZMS Medium Voltage Cables

ZMS has extensive experience in cable manufacturing. It specializes in producing high quality cables designed specifically for medium voltage applications in a wide variety of industrial sectors..

  • Superior Quality Materials: ZMS is committed to using only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of its cables.. This ensures resistance to wear, durability and safety in all its applications.
  • Personalized design: ZMS's specialization lies in its ability to design custom medium voltage cables. They understand the specific needs of each customer and can tailor their products to meet the exact requirements of each application..
  • Cutting-edge technology: ZMS is at the forefront of technology in the manufacture of medium voltage cables. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced production techniques to ensure the quality and reliability of its products..
  • Normative compliance: ZMS medium voltage cables comply with the strictest international regulations and standards. This ensures that your products are safe and comply with local and international regulations..
  • Wide Range of Applications: ZMS specialization covers a wide range of industrial applications, from the distribution of energy in electrical networks to its use in construction projects and specific industrial applications.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: ZMS is proud of its commitment to customer service. They offer technical advice, after-sales support and personalized solutions to meet the needs of your customers at all times.

With a long history of success and a constant focus on continuous improvement, ZMS is the preferred choice for those looking for reliable and efficient solutions in the field of medium voltage.

Advantages of ZMS Medium Voltage Cable

  • Has excellent electrical properties.
  • It is resistant to heat and aging. For example, los overhead medium voltage cables They are highly resistant to corrosion..
  • It is chemically resistant.
  • It has a simple structure and convenient construction..
  • It can work for a long time in an environment below 90 degrees.
  • Its power transmission capacity is large.

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