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The OPGW fiber optic cable of supplier ZMS with high voltage higher than 110 kv has a relatively large range (usually above 250 M). It is easy to maintain, easy to solve the problem of wire crossing. Its mechanical characteristics can meet the requirements of large cable crossings. ZMS Product Fiber Optic Cable:

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Main Types of ZMS Fiber Optic Cable OPGW

ZMS supplier can customize the number of cores of the OPGW fiber optic cable according to the needs of the esteemed customers.. The main strands of ZMS OPGW singlemode and multimode fiber optic cable are 6 threads, 12threads, 24threads, 48 threads, etc.

Cable OPGW Single-mode Optical Fiber

opgw singlemode fiber optic cable parameter
opgw single-mode optical fiber
ZMS Cable OPGW Fibra Óptica Monomodo

OPGW Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

fiber optic cable parameter opgw
opgw multimode optical fiber
ZMS OPGW Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

Why Choose OPGW ZMS Cable?

The cloak of armor of OPGW fiber optic cables has excellent mechanical strength properties. As a result, optical fibers are protected from abrasion, tension and lateral pressure. This fundamentally ensures that the optical fibers are not damaged by external forces..

Besides, ZMS fiber optic cables have excellent resistance to lightning discharges and short-circuit current surges. Thus, optical fibers can continue to work normally in the event of lightning and short circuits.

OPGW fiber structure

The OPGW fiber optic cable, specially designed, can directly replace the original high-voltage line overhead line without replacing the original tower head.

The simultaneous construction of the fiber optic communication system with the high tension line saves fiber optic cable construction costs. This can also reduce the cost of communication projects.

The small diameter and light weight of OPGW fiber optic cable do not place excessive additional load on towers.

Differences between Multimode and Singlemode Optical Fibers

Light source

Single-mode fiber uses a solid-state laser as the light source.. And multimode fiber uses light-emitting diodes as the light source.. The choice between singlemode and multimode fibers should be based on actual transmission distance and cost.

If the transmission distance is 300-400 metros, multimode fibers can be used. If the transmission distance reaches several thousand meters, single mode fiber is the best option.

Transmission Mode

The transmission mode of single mode fiber and multimode fiber is not the same. If the two fibers are mixed or directly connected to each other, link losses can occur and generate fluctuations in the line. Nevertheless, singlemode and multimode fibers can be connected with a conversion bridge.

As a rule, multimode optical modules cannot be used on singlemode fibers. This is due to the large losses that would occur. Nevertheless, singlemode optical modules can be used on multimode fibers, but a transceiver is needed to convert the fiber type.

fiber transmission mode

Applicable Scenarios

Singlemode fiber has a finer core, a wider transmission band, higher capacity and longer transmission distance. It is more expensive because it requires a laser source. Often used between buildings or in geographically dispersed environments.

Instead, multimode fiber has a thicker core, lower transmission speed, shorter distances and less overall transmission performance. It is often used inside buildings or in geographically contiguous environments due to its lower cost.

ZMS Practical Studies

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Consulting Program Service

We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. you can make us any question About OPGW singlemode and multimode fiber optic cable. The company has perfect pre-sale management and after-sale technical support. It has a team of high-quality cable technology.

Fast Transportation Service

We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure efficient and fast delivery of our cables.. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you.

Regular After Sales Service

When our OPGW aerial fiber optic cable / ADSS / fiber optic retention bracket / fiber optic terminal box /submarine fiber optic cable of quality reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time.

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