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The armed Cable has a reinforced protective layer. Armor can be added to any structural cable to increase the strength of the cable and provide protection. It is often used in underground environments, submarines and others where cable protection is required.

ZMS can mass produce a variety of armored cables. Our cables are cheap, resistant and have a long life. So, ZMS cable is your best option.

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electrical materials, steel wire armor, steel strap armor, aluminum wire armor, aluminum strap armor, etc.

If you have a custom need, we can provide you the best cable solution for free.

Main Types of Armored Electric Cable

Driver Number: Personalize

Isolation: XLPE/PVC

Armor: SWA steel wire armor / STA steel strap armor

SWA-STA Armored Cable
SWA-STA Armored Cable

AWA Armored Cable / ATA

Driver Number: Personalize

Isolation: XLPE/PVC

Armor: AWA aluminum wire armor / ATA aluminum belt armor

AWA-ATA Armored Cable
AWA-ATA Armored Cable

Type MC Armored Cable

Driver Number: Personalize

Isolation: XLPE/PVC

Armor: interlocking armor

MC type cable is a prefabricated cable with good compressive and tensile strength.. You can avoid the use of bridge frame or cable duct. It has low installation cost and convenient construction..

MC Cable
MC Type Wire

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We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. You can ask us any questions about the cable. The company has perfect pre-sale management and after-sale technical support. It has a team of high-quality cable technology.

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We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure efficient and fast delivery of our cables.. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you.

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When our quality cable reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time.

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