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In ZMS Cable, we believe in making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve. Our partnership with the Lions Club of China is a testament to our dedication to humanitarian causes and social responsibility.. As a proud member of this esteemed organization, We are committed to your mission of alleviating poverty, promote social harmony and actively practice humanitarianism.

About Lions Clubs

Lions Club in China

Lions Clubs International is a recognized international service organization, founded in 1917 In Chicago, Illinois, by Melvin Jones. Currently headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, has grown to encompass more than 46,000 local clubs with more than 1.4 millions of members around the world, including the youth branch, Leo. This global presence extends to more than 200 countries and geographic areas, demonstrating its vast impact and reach.

The Lions Club of China, officially established in Beijing on 14 June 2005, is a significant part of this international network. It operates as a social organization committed to charitable and voluntary services.. The Club maintains principles of autonomous establishment, independent operation and legal conduct, under the supervision and guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Federation of Disabled Persons. With a focus on a wide range of services, including disability assistance, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and environmental improvement, The Lions Club of China has become a pivotal force for public welfare and community service in the region.

CEO Ren Heng steers ZMS Cable towards Charity

At the forefront of our collaboration with the Lions Club of China is Ren Heng, our visionary CEO and president of external communications of the Shenzhen Lions Lily Service Team. His personal dedication to humanitarian causes and his leadership in the field of corporate social responsibility are fundamental to our mission at ZMS Cable..

CEO of the ZMS

Inspirational Leadership: Ren Heng's Contribution

Ren Heng not only leads ZMS Cable towards operational excellence and innovation in the cable sector, but also leads by example in community service. As president of external communication of Shenzhen Lions Lily Service Team, has been a driving force in organizing and participating in charitable activities, especially aimed at supporting disadvantaged children. Their passion for making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate resonates throughout our company., inspiring employees and associates alike to contribute to our community in meaningful ways.

Transformative Impact on the Community

Under the leadership of Ren Heng, ZMS Cable has redefined what it means to be a caring and charitable company. Their efforts to integrate humanitarian practices into corporate culture have transformed our organization into an entity that not only seeks commercial success., but also strives to generate a positive social impact.

A Future of Service and Solidarity

With Ren Heng at the helm, We are committed to deepening our partnership with the Lions Club of China and expanding our participation in initiatives that address the urgent needs of our community. His leadership and vision for the future guide us toward new horizons of community and humanitarian service., reaffirming our belief in the power of collective actions to create positive change.

ZMS CEO at a charity event

ZMS Cable: An Example of Committed Leadership

ZMS Cable continues to strengthen its legacy of humanitarianism and service, proving that being more than just a business is fundamental to our identity and success. We are excited about what the future holds for us., as we continue to work hand in hand with the Lions Club of China and other organizations to improve the lives of those in our community.

ZMS Cable: Empowering Communities with the Lions Club of China

ZMS Cable Company in the Community

Our Trip with the Lions Club of China

The Lions Club of China is a beacon of hope and service. As part of this amazing network, ZMS Cable has been involved in numerous initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those in need. From supporting the disabled and elderly to providing disaster relief and medical assistance, Our collaboration is driven by shared values ​​of inclusion, dedication and innovation.

Making a Difference Together

The Lions Club of China's approach to autonomous establishment and lawful conduct resonates deeply with our corporate ethos at ZMS Cable. Supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Federation of Disabled Persons, the Club's work in mobilizing resources for public welfare is an inspiration. Our participation in these efforts has not only allowed us to contribute to society, but also grow as an organization, embracing the values ​​of cohesion, inheritance and growth.

Our Vision for the Future

Aligned with the vision of the Lions Club of China to create a vibrant and innovative charity organization, ZMS Cable is dedicated to being a driving force in community and humanitarian services.

ZMS Cable: More Than Just a Business

By aligning ourselves with the values ​​and vision of the Lions Club of China, ZMS Cable transcends the traditional business model. We are a company that not only connects people through our products, but also unites communities through our actions. By integrating humanitarianism into our business practice, we are becoming a better business.

Relief operation in Zhengzhou

About ZMS Cable Group

Culture: Creating Happiness at Work

We foster an environment where work happiness is paramount.

Mission: Transcend More

We strive to transcend expectations, providing services, sincere products and values ​​to our clients and collaborators.

External Focus:
Committed to offering quality services and products, Our focus is on providing genuine values ​​to both clients and co-workers..

Internal Focus:
We promote experiences of synergy and personal growth among our collaborators, promoting an internal environment that encourages mutual development.


We aspire to serve as catalysts for the growth of our employees, building friendships and commitments around the world.

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