Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

underwater fiber optics

the products of submarine fiber optic cable of ZMS are divided into submarine power cables and submarine fibers. Submarine fiber cables provide a path for communication services while transmitting electricity. Maritime optical fiber is divided into light submarine fiber and armored submarine fiber..

ZMS submarine fiber optic cable has good electrical insulation properties. Can withstand long periods of submersion in the sea and the pressure of deep water. At the same time, It is ocean cable has good resistance to mechanical forces and corrosion.

Apart from submarine optical fibers, we also manufacture other types of products for the marine environment, such as submarine power cables and marine cables. Can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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Submarine Electric Cable with Optical Fiber

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Waterproof jacket: Semiconductive waterproof tape
  • Apantallamiento: Copper wires and copper helix
  • number of fibers: 12/24/36/48/72
  • Armor: galvanized steel wires
underwater fiber optics

Submarine fiber optic power cable is mainly used for high power power transmission between mainland and islands, between the islands and the islets, between the continent and the platforms and between the marine platforms. It is SWA submarine cable It is also capable of realizing smart grid control signal transmission and communication signal transmission.

Light Maritime Optical Fiber

  • number of fibers: 12/24/36/48/72
  • protection layer: Stainless steel tube
  • inner armor: steel wires
  • outer layer: PE
light fiber optic

ZMS Lightweight Marine Optical Fiber Precisely Controls Fiber Length, guaranteeing good tensile properties and temperature characteristics. This type of optical fiber in the sea has good compressive strength and flexibility.

Armed Submarine Fiber

  • number of fibers: 12/24/36/48/72
  • protection layer: Stainless steel tube
  • inner armor: steel wires
  • outer armor: Single/double layer steel wires
  • outer layer: PE
armored submarine fiber

The reinforced fiber submarine has loose sleeves filled with special waterproof compounds. ZMS submarine internet cable is made of good waterproof material that effectively prevents longitudinal penetration of water into the cable..

Why Choose ZMS Submarine Fiber Optic Cable?

Optical fibers are extremely sensitive to OH- generated by water and moisture. The chemical reaction between moisture and the steel tube produces hydrogen gas which causes an increase in transmission losses in optical fibers.. This can severely affect the quality and lifespan of submarine fiber optic units..

To prevent water and moisture from entering the stainless steel tube, ZMS cable is filled with a fiber paste that has a good moisture barrier. It also has a certain temperature stability. This avoids radial stresses in the fiber pulp at low temperatures..

Submarine cables usually have a strong layer of protection. ZMS Subsea Fiber Optic Units are available in HDPE lined stainless steel housing. This structure has a small outside diameter and is easy to rework compared to the original fiber-reinforced design.. Stainless steel tube has similar temperature characteristics to fiber optics and excellent resistance to the environment.

This structure has a simple structure, a small outer diameter and easy reprocessing compared to the original design of the reinforced fibers. Stainless steel tube has similar temperature characteristics to fiber optics and excellent resistance to the environment.

ZMS subsea composite cable features additional stress-bearing elements around the fiber optic unit. When the cable is pressed by external forces, the fiber optic unit is protected from crushing and deformation. The braided structure of the fiber optic units and the inner padding layer guarantee the displacement of the fiber optic units in the event of cable flexing. This ensures the good transport properties of the fibers..

Besides, combining conductive metals and optical fibers in the same submarine cable allows significant savings in manufacturing and laying costs. This makes it possible to use it for a wide range of applications., both for the transmission of electricity and for the transmission of communication signals and the supervision of systems.

Submarine fiber optic cables are particularly demanding on the selection and design of fiber optic units due to long transmission distances, complex construction conditions and daily maintenance difficulties. ZMS Cable adopts a rigorous selection criteria and technical control. Our company's fibers for submarine networks have a service life of up to 30 years.

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Can Artificial Satellites Replace Underwater Fiber Optics??

Submarine fiber optic cables and artificial satellites are two of the most important means of intercontinental communication.. Submarine fibers have many advantages over artificial satellites.

The optical fiber of the submarine network has a low signal/noise ratio and is protected from electromagnetic waves.. And the submarine optical fibers have a service life of 25 years, while communication satellites only have a useful life of 10 a 15 years.

So satellite transmission cannot replace submarine fiber optic cables.. It can only be used as a complementary means of communication on a large scale. Currently, more than 95% of the world's Internet traffic is transmitted through submarine fiber optic networks.

Submarine Fiber Transmission Mode

Optical fibers can be divided into singlemode and multimode based on the mode of light transmission.. Multimode fibers have a thicker core (50μm o 62,5μm) and can transmit various modes of light. But they have a large intermodal dispersion, which limits the frequency at which digital signals can be transmitted. Thus, multimode fibers transmit relatively short distances, usually a few kilometers.

Instead, single mode fibers, they have a very fine core (9μm o 10μm) and can only transmit one mode of light. As a result, Its intermodal dispersion is small and it is suitable for long-distance communication.. Therefore, the performance of single-mode fibers is better suited to the requirements of submarine cables for long-distance signal transmission.

ZMS firmly believes that quality is our key value.. ZMS Cable controla, reviews and supervises all purchasing processes, production, quality and logistics to ensure full compliance with customer requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers and researchers is committed to continually evolving technology by updating materials and components to stay consistent with the latest products.. ZMS embraces best practices, the latest technologies and innovations to ensure our products deliver on the promise of sustainable development. We offer various types of ADSS/OPGW accessories including fiber optic retention fittings, fiber optic suspension fittings, bird flight diverter, performed hardware, lead down clamps and other accessories for fiber optics.

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