preassembled cable

preassembled cable

ZMS pre-assembled cables

The preassembled cable of ZMS has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This type of self-supporting cable provides a reliable and safe supply of electricity. These insulated aluminum cables are easy to lay and maintain. Therefore, typically used in a wide range of applications requiring transmission of electricity.

ZMS offers the driver products pre-assembled affordable price of 2×25, 2×16, 3×35, 4×16 and custom specifications.

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Pre-Assembled Cable Products

Preassembled Cable 2x25

The 2x25mm2 pre-assembled cable is used for the distribution of overhead lines up to 1,1 kV. It is usually placed with supports on the posts or on the exterior walls. Its main advantages are low cost, easy installation and short placement time.

2x25 preassembled cable

Preassembled Cable 2x16

ZMS 2x16mm2 pre-assembled cable is widely used as a substitute for bare copper aerial cable. pre-assembled products 2 ZMS conductors also include pre-assembled cable 2×4, preassembled cable 2×6, preassembled cable 2×10, preassembled cable 2×35.

2x16 preassembled cable

Preassembled Cable 3x35

3 pre-assembled cables×35 are insulated with XLPE at an operating temperature of 90°C. The three-phase pre-assembled cable can be used for low voltage distribution networks of 1000 V.

3x35 preassembled cable

Preassembled Cable 4x16

ZMS pre-assembled cable 4×16 self-supporting consists of three phase wires and one neutral wire. This combination of wires is often used in home and commercial electrical systems to supply power to appliances..

4x16 preassembled cable

Choose ZMS Pre-Assembled Aluminum Cable

ZMS Cable Distributor's self-supporting cables are an excellent option for anyone looking for quality and convenience in their cabling products.. Being already assembled, these cables save time and effort. Besides, to be high quality electrical cables, you can be sure that they will last a long time and offer optimal performance.

Preassembled Cables

Another important benefit of ZMS single phase pre-assembled cable is its high quality.. Being manufactured with quality materials and subjected to rigorous tests, these PVC insulated cables o XLPE will meet customer expectations for performance and durability. This is especially important in critical applications where cabling reliability is of paramount importance..

If you are looking for quality, convenience and sustainability in your cabling products, ZMS drop cables are an excellent choice.

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Besides, we maintain an open door policy so that our clients can always communicate with us and send us their questions, comments and suggestions. In ZMS electrical cable distributor, We take our commitment to customer service very seriously and work hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services..

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