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Multiple Structures of ZMS Cable

Depending on the cable structure, cables can be divided into many different types.

Cable Conductor

The electrical conductor is the central part of the cable that transmits electricity. ZMS uses high purity oxygen-free copper, oxygen-free aluminum and aluminum alloys as cable conductors.

– Model: CU/AL/Aluminum Alloy, etc.

ZMS can produce a variety of special cables according to the diverse needs of our customers.. Such as fire resistant cables, corrosion resistant cables, etc.

– Model: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ABC, etc.

Copper conductor has excellent electrical conductivity, strong structure and not easy to break. It is currently the most popular cable in the city.

– Model: CU / XLPE(PVC), CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC, etc.

Isolation can effectively improve the safety of the transmission system. We can provide a variety of insulated cables, like XLPE, PVC, PE, etc.

– Model: CU(AL)/XLPE(PVC)(PE), etc.

Shielded cables can significantly reduce interference during power and signal transport. We can offer all kinds of shielding solutions.


Excellent ZMS armor greatly increases cable life. Armor protects the cable from damage.

– Model: CU(AL)/XLPE(PVC)/SWA(STA)/PVC, etc.

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