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Aluminum Wire

the driver of the aluminum wire is it aluminum or an aluminum alloy. The conductivity of aluminum conductors is lower than that of copper. It is cheap, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Therefore, it is very suitable for drivers.

ZMS produces a wide range of cables for aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors. One of the most used cables with this conductor is the aerial cable and the wire conductor HTLS. It has long been supplied to cable distributors and cable companies around the world..

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electrical materials, XLPE / PVC, halogen free insulation, fireproof insulation, high temperature insulation, anti-rotation insulation.

Most of the cables can be aluminum. So, according to your requirements, we will customize cable types and solutions for you.

Main Types of ZMS Aluminum Cable

ACSR Electric Cable

Conductor: ACSR

no insulation

ACSR wire (steel core) It has good electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical strength.. Its tensile strength is high, so the distance from the tower can be greater.

Aluminum Conductor ACSR
Aluminum Conductor ACSR

Conductor: AAAC

no insulation

It is used to transport medium voltage electricity. It has stable structure and long service life of 50 years. A variety of armor options are available.

AAAC Wire Conductor
AAAC Wire Conductor

ABC Electric Cable

Conductor: AL

Isolation: XLPE cross-linked polyethylene, PVC, etc.

It is used to transport low voltage electricity. It has a long shelf life 70 years. We can custom manufacture a wide range of low voltage underground cables to meet all your needs..

ABC Aluminum Cable
ABC Aluminum Cable


no insulation

HTLS Cables can carry high power at high operating temperatures. They are used to increase the current capacity of an existing transmission line.

cable de conductor HTLS
HTLS Cable

Other Aluminum Cables

We have the other aluminum wires like aluminum drop cable and aluminum underground cable. It is used to transport electricity andin different environments. It has a long shelf life 70 years. We can custom manufacture a wide range of low voltage underground cables to meet all your needs..

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