Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire

The insulated wire It is a cable with insulation outside the metallic conductor. Unlike bare cables in overhead lines, ZMS insulated cables incorporate a crucial protective layer against short circuits, offering a superior level of performance and safety.

And ZMS, We offer an unrivaled variety of insulated cables to suit various working conditions. From moisture resistance to extreme flexibility and high temperature resistance, our cables will exceed your expectations.

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The range of ZMS insulated cables includes XLPE Cable, PVC Cable, Cable Encauchetado, rubber cord, etc. If the normal cable does not meet your needs, You must choose a ZMS special cable.

Main Types of Insulated Cable

XLPE Insulated Cable

XLPE Insulated Cable

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Structure: CU(AL) / XLPE

Its insulation is XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). It has a mesh structure. It has strong resistance to deformation at high temperatures. There are many high-quality cables that use this type of insulation as preassembled affected cable.

PVC Insulated Cable

PVC Insulated Cable

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Structure: CU(AL) / PVC

Its insulation is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Your technology is mature, its price is cheap and widely used.

Rubber Insulated Cable

Rubber Insulated Cable

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Its insulation is rubber.. The rubber cable is flexible. The outer jacket of many EV charging cables uses this material. The most used models are H07RN-F, H05RN-F, H07VV-F, etc. The electrical rubberized cable also use the nylon rubber.

MICC Cables

Mineral Insulated Cable

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Structure: CU/MgO/Cu or AL/LSZH

MICC cables with magnesium oxide insulation are extremely resistant to fire and mechanical forces. They are suitable for lighting systems, power and control of fire protection systems, etc.

Details of Cable Insulation Types

Various Types of Cables

Polyethylene (PE)

Features: Ethylene polymer, not toxic. Chemically stable, cold resistant, to radiation and has excellent electrical insulation properties, similar to those of the plastic cable.
Applications: Suitable for stable environments, where resistance to radiation and cold is required, as in the case of insulated copper cable.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Features: vinyl chloride polymer, as in PVC cable. Chemically stable, acid resistant, alkalis and some chemicals. Good against humidity and aging. Limited to temperatures below 60°C.
Precautions: Emits toxic fumes during combustion. It is divided into soft and rigid plastic, as in plastic coated cable.
Applications: Suitable for dry and low temperature environments, similar to plastic cable.

Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Features: PE improvement through cross-linking. Improves mechanical properties, resistance to environmental stress, chemical corrosion resistance and electrical properties, as in aluminum xlpe cable.
Advantages: Increase resistance temperature, supporting more than 90°C, similar to xlpe cable.
Applications: Versatile for pipes, films, electrical cables and foam products, as in the cable under rubber.

Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)

Features: Cross-linked ethylene-propylene rubber, similar to rubber cable. Stable against oxidation, ozone and partial discharge.
Advantages: High dielectric loss factor, ideal for low voltage and waterproof, similar to insulated flexible cable.
Applications: submarine cables, minas, ships and environments where flexibility is required, as in rubberized cable.

Detailed Recommendations for Selecting Insulated Cables

Cable insulation extrusion

Low voltage: Pretrade PVC or XLPE. PVC is economical and chemical resistant, as in pvc cable; XLPE for greater resistance to high temperatures, similar to xlpe cable.
Medium Voltage: XLPE is the preferred option for its strength and stability over a wider range of temperatures., as in aluminum xlpe cable.
High voltage (AC): XLPE for its ability to withstand high temperatures and stressful conditions, similar to xlpe cable.
High voltage (DC): Self-contained impregnated paper or oil for greater transmission capacity. Avoid standard XLPE, as in the aluminum xlp cable.
Need for Flexibility: Rubber (EPR) It is ideal for mobile applications or in environments that require frequent bending, as in rubber cable.

Radiation Exposure: XLPE or EPR for its radiation resistance, similar to xlpe cable.
High temperatures: For temperatures > 60°C, uses heat resistant polyvinyl chloride, XLPE or EPR, as in insulated copper wire. For > 100°C, consider mineral insulation (MICC).
Low temperatures: XLPE, Cold-resistant polyethylene or rubber for environments below -15°C, similar to cable under rubber.
Environments with High Concentration of People: Halogen-free XLPE or EPR for low toxicity and fire resistance, as in insulated cable.
Energy < 6 kV: PVC is suitable, as in insulated copper wire. For critical lines > 6 kV, uses cables with three layers of extrusion (XLPE), similar to xlpe cable.

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BOOT project in Nooriabad

  • Draft: Established two natural gas power plants in the landmark to solve the power shortage problem in Nooriabad area.
  • ZMS Cables Solution: A wide range of ACSR conductors and MV power cables for this project.

Ecuador Airport Lighting

  • Draft: Airport lighting cable in Ecuador.
  • ZMS Cables Solution: ZMS Group can be delivered within a period of four weeks, while other suppliers can only promise eight weeks.

power system 9 Buildings

  • Draft: Jordan Real Estate-Control system and power of 9 buildings.
  • ZMS Cables Solution: ZMS Group was organizing the production of 10 wire and cable containers inside the 21 days and all cables on board with 3 days.
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