PVC Cable

PVC Cable

ZMS PVC cables

The PVC cable It is a cable with polyvinyl chloride insulating material.. Due to its durability and low cost, This type of cable is common in residential and commercial electrical installations.

ZMS PVC cables are robust and durable, ideal for use in domestic and industrial applications. Los ZMS insulated cables They have the best quality and the most affordable prices.. Comply with international quality and safety standards.

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With a wide range of sizes and capacities, The ZMS electrical cables are available to meet the needs of customers.

Main Types of ZMS PVC Cable

PVC Electrical Cables

PVC Cable Insulation and Sheath

PVC insulation and sheath cables are used for distribution and transmission lines with a nominal voltage of 0.6/1kV and can be installed in a fixed position.. ZMS cable mill uses a proven cable insulation extrusion process. Can offer good quality and low price PVC insulated cable products.

  • Nominal voltage: 0.6/1kV
  • Operating temperature: -15°C ~+70°C
  • Maximum short circuit temperature: 160°C
  • laying temperature: No inferior a 0°C
  • minimum bend radius: No inferior a 10D
  • Type of cable: VV, VLV, ZRVV, ZRVLV

PVC Fire Resistant Cable

PVC Fire Retardant Wire

pvc 0.6/1kV flame retardant cable is designed and manufactured in accordance with the IEC standard 60502. Its behavior against fire is in accordance with the IEC standard 60331. ZMS fire resistant PVC cables are capable of transmitting electricity in a fire at 750-800°C for 120 minutes. This type of cable is especially suitable for tall buildings., underground railways, power stations and other important places where fire resistance is required.

  • Nominal voltage: 0.6/1kV
  • Work temperature: -25℃~+105℃/-60℃~+200℃
  • fire resistance temperature: 750°C-800°C/950°C-1000°C
  • minimum bend radius: No inferior a 8D( unarmoured cables), no inferior a 12D (armored cables)
  • Type of cable: NHVV

instrumentation cable

PVC Instrumentation Cable

PVCs electrical instrumentation cables used for signal transmission and control lines in meters, instruments and other electrical equipment. ZMS PVC instrumentation cables have increased shielding against electromagnetic interference and electrical noise to ensure signal accuracy and reliability.

  • Nominal voltage: 0,6/1kV
  • Operating temperature: -15°C ~ +70°C
  • Maximum short circuit temperature: 160°C
  • laying temperature: No inferior a 0°C
  • Minimum radius of curvature: No inferior a 10D
  • Type of cable: YVV, YVVP, RVV, RVVP
  • Standards: ISO 9001, IEC

TRVV Cable

PVC Cable Flexible

PVC cables can be used in applications that require greater flexibility and mobility, such as the automobile and machinery industry. ZMS flexible cable is made of high quality materials, which makes them resistant to abrasion, traction and bending.

  • Nominal voltage: 0,6/1kV
  • Operating temperature: -15°C ~ +70°C
  • Maximum short circuit temperature: 160°C
  • laying temperature: No inferior a 0°C
  • Minimum radius of curvature: No inferior a 10D
  • Type of cable: THHN, THWN, UTP Flexible

Advantages of PVC ZMS Cable

PVC is a particulate material prepared by mixing and extruding polyvinyl chloride as a base resin with stabilizers., plasticizers and inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate. Can be formulated into cable insulation and jacketing materials that can be used in various environments and applications. This material is profitable, flexible and can be used for moderate mechanical stress.

PVC cables are especially suitable for use in the mechanical industry, as well as in the measurement and control sections of electronics and computers. Low-end PVC cables contain some harmful substances and are less stable when used in special environments. The PVC material used by ZMS has been improved to be more environmentally friendly and more stable..

Cable insulation extrusion

Great Versatility

One of the main characteristics of PVC ZMS wires and cables is its great versatility. Versatility gives PVC cable great flexibility. Can be used in a wide range of applications. Besides, PVC materials can be easily modified with plasticizers and lubricants.

high durability

PVC cables are resistant, durable and very flexible. ZMS PVC insulated cables are available with corrosion resistance, abrasion, chemical products, water and rust according to customer requirements. ZMS offers ST1 PVC cable jacket (conductor temperature 70°) and the PVC ST2 (conductor temperature 90°).


Another key feature of PVC electrical cables is their safety.. Subjected to various factors, too many wires and cables can become unsafe. ZMS improves heat resistance, to chemicals and water from the material PVC, thus increasing the utility of these products in harsh environments.


The versatility and flexibility of PVC cables make them highly customizable.. Los ZMS custom electrical cables are the perfect solution for your project. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit your specific needs., from custom sizes and lengths to custom colors and labels.

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ZMS Cable Manufacturing

ZMS is a leading company in the high quality cable manufacturing. Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that each cable meets the most stringent safety and quality standards.. We use advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and consistent manufacturing..

Our manufacturing process includes several critical steps to ensure insulation quality, as the careful selection of materials, the cleaning of the conductors before the application of the insulation and the precise extrusion of the insulation. We also perform quality tests on each batch of cables to ensure their compliance with technical specifications..

Besides, our engineers and technicians are highly trained. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop custom cabling solutions to meet their needs..

Our wide range of products includes cables for industrial use, Commercial and residential. We offer a variety of insulation and cladding options, including PVC, XLPE, TPE, teflon and more, as well as a variety of diameters and lengths to meet the needs of any project.

And ZMS, our priority is always customer satisfaction. We offer exceptional service and exceptional customer support to help you find the perfect cabling solution for your project..

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