Armored Fiber Optic

Armored Fiber Optic

Armed fiber optics

The armored fiber optic is a fiber optic cable equipped with one or more layers of armor. This type of optical fiber ensures that the fibers are not damaged by external forces during laying, installation and use. It can greatly improve the stability and security of information transmission.

ZMS armored fiber optic cables include indoor fiber optic, outdoor fiber optic, single-mode optical fiber armada, armored multimode optical fiber, etc. They have superior compressive strength, stretching and bending.

ZMS armored optical cable products meet IEC standards 60793, IT G651.1 y IT G652-G657.

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ZMS Main Types of Armored Fiber Optic

Indoor Fiber Optic Armored Cable

Type: singlemode/multimode
Number of cores: 2-244
Armor: stainless steel tube and steel wire
Coating: fitted tube

Indoor armored fiber optic cables are divided into armored single layer optical fiber cables and armored double layer optical fibers. The single layer of armor refers to the stainless steel braided wires. Armored double layer refers to stainless steel tube and stainless steel braided wires. ZMS indoor armored optical cable has high resistance to traction and compression and to rodents.

indoor fiber optics

Outdoor Armed Fiber Optic

Type: singlemode/multimode
Number of cores: 2-244
Armor: threaded armor, interlocking armor
Coating: loose tube

To avoid harsh environment or external damage, aerial and directly buried fiber optic cables outdoors are usually protected by metal armor. Outdoor fiber optic armored cables can be divided into light and heavy armored fiber. Light armor refers to steel or aluminum tape. Heavy armor refers to the addition of steel wire on the outside of the light type. ZMS outdoor fiber optics are protected from environmental damage, it is easy to build and saves maintenance costs.

outdoor fiber optic

Type: monomodo
Number of cores: 12/24/36/48/72…
Armor: copper or aluminum tube and steel wire
Deck: PE

In the case of submarine cables, the armor layer varies depending on the depth of the seawater. The reinforced layer of deep-sea optical fibers must be resistant to damage and tears caused by marine animals. Submarine armored cables used close to shore must be able to prevent tugboats from damaging the cables. ZMS offers a wide range of armed submarine optical fibers that adapt to the needs of customers.

Underwater armored fiber optic

Why Use ZMS Armored Fiber Optic Cable?

Previously, outdoor fiber optic cables used to be placed in strong conduits to protect them from external forces. Nevertheless, this fiber optic laying method was very complicated and could be time consuming and labor intensive. With the development of the fiber optic sector, armored fiber optic cables were created.

ZMS armored fiber optic 12 threads has the advantage of being resistant to strong pressure and stretching. Can effectively adapt to harsh outdoor environments. Besides, Dielectric armored fiber optic cabling is much more flexible than conduit cabling. Today, armored cables fiber optics are widely used in the field of optical communication.

Armored fiber optic structure

The loose tubes of ZMS reinforced fiber cables are made of materials with good resistance to water.. They are filled with a special oil paste to provide critical protection to the interior fibers. The special design of the taut cable construction prevents the tube from retracting. The high level of manufacturing makes the optical fiber resistant to compression and flexible. And the PE sheath used in this product is highly resistant to UV radiation..

ZMS fiber optic provider Various measures are used to guarantee the impermeability of submarine fiber optic cables. Among them are the use of the central reinforcement core of steel wire, the filling of the loose tubes with special waterproofing compounds and the use of double-sided plastic-coated steel tape (PSP). These media improve the resistance of the armored single-mode optical fiber to moisture..

ZMS armored optical cables are used in a wide range of applications, like local area networks, optical communication equipment, fiber optic detection, base stations, etc. ZMS can advise on the selection of armored optical fiber according to customer needs and provide customized armored optical cables for special applications.. Professional armored fibers can effectively guarantee the long-term smooth and stable transmission of information.

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