High voltage cable

High voltage cable

High voltage cable
High voltage electrical cables

The high voltage cable It is a kind of cables used to transmit electricity above 35KV. Voltages higher than 110KV are known as extra high voltage cables.. UHV cables are a type of power cable that has emerged with the continuous development of cable technology.. It is a high voltage cable with a high technical content, mainly for long distance power transmission.

Los HV cables for underground use they are usually armed. ZMS high voltage electrical cables have good corrosion resistance, to external mechanical forces and pressure.

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Types of High Voltage Cables

  • Nominal voltage: 10kV / 25kV / 33kV / 110kV / 220kV
  • Conductor: Steel, Aluminium alloy, Aluminum
  • Temperatura nominal: 70°C


The HV overhead cable has the advantage of being lightweight., have a large breakout force and a high safety factor. This reduces the bow arrow of the cable. Can be used for fixed placement or entry lines.

bare high voltage cable
high voltage electrical cable
  • Nominal voltage: 10kV / 35kV, 76/132kV
  • Conductor: Aluminum / Copper
  • Number of cores: 1 / 3
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Apantallamiento: copper tapes / copper wires
  • Armor: Aluminum tape
  • Temperatura nominal: 90°C


The AT high voltage underground cable is suitable for installation in power supply stations, indoors and in cable ducts, outdoors, underground and in the water. It is also used in industries, distribution boards and power plants.

HV Underground Cable
HV Underground Cable
  • Nominal voltage: 110kV-320kV
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Isolation: XLPE / Goma
  • Temperatura nominal: 90°C


HV marine cables are used to connect various electrical devices in the ship's network to transmit electrical power or electrical signals.. ZMS marine high voltage electrical cables are moisture resistant, Oil, combustion and heat aging. ZMS also offers high voltage transoceanic power cables.

marine high voltage cable
AT Cable marino
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6/6KV, 26 /35KV
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Number of cores: 1 / 3
  • Isolation: XLPE
  • Apantallamiento: copper tapes
  • Armor: steel tapes / steel wires
  • Temperatura nominal: 90°C


Flame retardant high voltage cables are widely used in the transmission and distribution lines with rated AC voltage of 35 KV is inferior. ZMS HV fireproof armored cables have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal aging properties, environmental stress resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

flame retardant high voltage cable
AT Fireproof cable

ZMS High Voltage Electrical Cables Catalog

Explore our selection of high voltage cables designed to ensure the safe and efficient transmission of electrical energy in various applications. This catalog offers detailed information about our solutions, including technical specifications, innovation in safety and versatility of use.

ZMS High Voltage Cables Catalog

Description and parameters of cable products over 35 kV

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Advantages of High Voltage Cables

Increase transmission capacity. Las lines of transmission of 1000kV UHV have a natural power of almost 5 million kilowatts, about five times that of 500kV transmission lines. The transmission capacity of ±800kV DC UHV can reach 6,4 million kilowatts, 2,1 times that of ±500kV UHV DC and 1,7 times that of ±620kV UHV DC.

Improve stability limit. The electrical distance of the 1000kV line is equal to between 1/4 Y 1/5 of the 500kV line of the same length. In other words, under the condition of transmitting the same power, the long-distance transmission distance of 1000kV UHV line is about 4 times that of the 500kV line. Utilizing ±800kV direct current transmission technology enables long-distance power transmission, and the economical transmission distance can reach 2500 km and more.

Reduce line consumption. The resistance consumption of a 1000kV AC line is one fourth of that of a 500kV AC line when the total cable section and transmission capacity are equal.. The DC line resistance consumption of ±800kV is the 39% of the ±500kV DC line and the 60% ±620kV DC line.

Reduce investment in engineering. The 1000kV AC transmission solution has a combined cost per unit of transmission capacity that is approximately three quarters that of the 500kV transmission solution.. The cost per unit of transmission capacity of the ±800kV direct current transmission scheme is also approximately three quarters of that of the ±500kV direct current transmission scheme..

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ZMS cables are currently exported to various countries and regions for use in the construction of electrical installations.. At the same time, electrical cables are popular in the industry for their good quality and competitive prices.

throughout the years, ZMS company has become one of the world's leading cable suppliers. We not only have rich experience in cable manufacturing, but also an honest and trustworthy heart. ZMS has delivered high quality cables from China to the world. Made in China is famous all over the world.

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